The Climb

I’m climbing quite a bit, into the loft, up ladders and onto chairs. I’m dismantling my home, but each time I climb I tell myself I’m moving onto the next chapter, taking the step I’ve needed to take for so long. I am quite literally climbing into my future at the moment, though it’s not in the dusty loft or on the top shelf it’s out there waiting for me.

Big changes are ahead, I’m going to live the life I want and love. I’m going to do what I want, work in what I love and enjoy every moment of it. What’s more I’m going to be so happy that it will be catching.

The last few years have been tough, but needed. I’ve survived and found myself in the process. They say that the biggest changes in our life often come after major upheaval, crisis and everything as we know it breaking down, bloody hell do I believe that!

I feel like I’ve been tested too, I’ve been offered choices and when I’ve taken the wrong one, I’ve soon found out. An easy get out maybe, an opportunity to good to be true, countless job offers that for one reason or another have fallen through. Now I know which direction I’m heading in and I’m not going to be swayed again (please universe, no more tests, I get it!).

I’ve rented a little place along the coast, that’s where it begins but from there I will travel, I can’t not. A lot of my things will go into storage, that’s causing some confusion, there are things I want near me but I’ll get over it.

I had my birth chart done recently, it was an amazing experience. I’ve had it done before but this particular friend is an amazing astrologer. She spends so much time explaining what it all means that it slaps you around the face and becomes part of you, it comes to the surface in a way that is hard to explain, you begin to live it. We did a swap, I helped her with business ideas and social media which she couldn’t get her head around and she did my chart. I love my chart, it shows the potential I was born with and I’m not going to waste it.

I have so many more steps I need to climb but first I better getting on with packing up the past!



Daily Prompt – Climbing


A New Me

This year brings a brand new me,

I’m creating her from the old.

Casting away what I don’t like,

what still remains is untold.

Inside I think it’s much easier,

with a gradual change over years.

Now when I look in the mirror,

I’m ready to let go of the tears.

The path I was on has ended now,

I came to the end of the road.

I couldn’t sustain it anymore,

I was carrying such a big load.

Called it a day and I’m selling up,

I am culling from what own.

I’m planning to travel for a while,

before I find my new home.

I’m not sure how I’ll live my life,

but pressure won’t be as high.

I know that I want to work with love,

there’s lots out there I can try.

So if you have any tips from life,

please let me know your ideas.

I’m hoping what I have in front,

will be the very best years.




Everything Changes

As we open the gate to the future, 

to a life we have yet in store.

Cross that threshold to tomorrow, 

so today will be no more.

We’ll trust in what is yet unknown, 

just to leave it down to faith.

A hope that we will find our way, 

with a prayer for human race.

Leave behind what we conquered, 

with those things we didn’t do.

Stepping through to another day, 

and everything changes but you.


~ lizalizaskysaregrey©2016

Tides of Change


I’m going through a difficult phase in life at the moment, you might or might not have noticed, but this influences what I write.  The structures around me are falling away, the tides are changing  as is what I once trusted and my priorities, I’m changing from the inside out.  But I retain hope, I believe there is something out there just waiting for me to discover it.

I know this change is the culmination of a number of difficult years where my experience of grief and loss led me to a point of reevaluation.  I’m not the same person I was five years ago, not even the same person I was a couple of days ago.  Things are moving fast for me now, I’m changing by the moment.  It’s an anxious time, but I’m trying to breath through it, hold onto my beliefs that everything is as it should be.  I’ve been here before and I did make it before just as I will again, that it’s a little harder this time is just evolution.

I believe life only gives us what we can manage, and although I’m not always sure at the time I will manage I have incredible resilience.  I have wonderful friends and family who provide the support network I need.  Some friends, I’ve begun to realise, are not what I once thought, but others feed my soul.  Bloggers I’ve met on here have been so supportive, I hope that I am also able to help in the same way, I try to inspire just as I’m inspired by you.

I’ve discovered nature, I have a deeper connection somehow through looking at the messages nature gives me.  I share these as I hope the messages might mean something to others.  Colours are brighter, feelings more intense, everything is changing but I think it must be for the better.

Nature tells me everything is going to be alright, the world will go on spinning.  Seasons will come and go and in some way there will be an impact on the environment, land will change shape, cliffs will erode, rivers will dry up or widen but they will continue to lead to the sea. Life in all it’s glory will continue as it should.








Just as there is a base to a mountain, a shore to a lake and an edge to a desert. Everything in this life has a beginning, middle and end. It is up to us to recognise these stages and make preparations. A swimmer walks into the lake from the shore in full knowledge that it will get deeper, the mountaineer gathers the equipment he will need to ascend the mountain and the man crossing the desert ensures he has plenty of water for the journey. However steep or rough the journey ahead of you may be, take opportunity to pause in the transition zone and make sure you are prepared for the journey ahead in body, mind and spirit.

~ Liza



Leaving You




I’m leaving you now,

I’m no longer fulfilled,

you no longer make me as whole.

I’ve sadness as I think of you,

also happiness in my new role.

We once were so right,

we clicked you and me,

an honest and truthful match.

But then came the day,

we’d changed so much,

a new plan I needed to hatch.

The trauma we’ve shared,

deep crisis and such,

I always saw it through.

It’s not I don’t care,

I really do,

I’ve still so much passion for you.

It’s just that I feel,

as I’ve grown beside you,

I’m not the same girl anymore.

And the things that I do,

they don’t impact on you,

or at least I’m not so sure.

I’m not going far,

I might see you one day,

our paths may cross again.

I’m not ruling it out,

my vision unclear,

it’s still connected to pain.

So please wish me well,

as I will do you,

let us want the best for each other.

I’m sending you love,

I’ll think about you,

I so want you to recover.



The Ultimate Dance


Autumn brings with it love from the skies,

bright red leaves and fond goodbyes.

With deepness of colour, dark reds and rusts,

to linger and watch is a definite must.

Later they’ll dry up, go crisp underfoot,

coal in the fire, hands covered in soot.

But while they are doing their ultimate dance,

rejoice in the colour and give love a chance.

Each leaf is a symbol of life going on,

changing of hues, meeker to strong.

Then they’ll be swept, or melt into the ground,

some in the fire, if crunchy and brown.

In spring they will come back, starting as buds,

first comes the foliage then comes the bugs.

This is the cycle of nature you know,

everything comes back, just moves with loves flow.





As we transition into winter, 

with harsher times in store.

We hold onto our memories, 

of summer more and more.

As blossoms close for winter, 

by falling on the ground.

We know with certain surety, 

they’ll be coming back around.

For our life is a big circle, 

the message here so clear.

Hold memories of your loved ones, 

so very, very near.

For they are just around the corner, 

only around the next bend.

We will see them on the other side, 

as nothing really ever ends.


I’ve been out of sorts the last week or so, weird dreams that I’ve shared here, fluctuating moods and bad feet. Luckily my neighbor and friend is a homeopath and knows me well.  He has treated me over the years and strangely usually gets me right.  I say strange because before I met him I thought homeopathy was a load of rubbish. How he has proved me wrong over the years is just amazing.

Last week he gave me amythst for three days and I was so much lighter, fun and put my worries to the back of my mind.  That was not the end, he thought about me, my life experiences and thought he may have another deeper remedy.  He asked how I felt about butterflies. How strange it was five minutes after I had written a poem about butterflies and he doesn’t even follow my blog!

I’ve been a little infactuated with these little creatures lately, it’s all to do with my preoccupation with death and transitions.  Apparently this remedy sits well with me, loss of mother, abandoned in childhood (father), feelings of loss and abandonment, self doubt, feet etc. 

It arrived yesterday and I swallowed it without a seconds thought. Nothing much happened and I thought maybe it wasn’t the right remedy. That’s okay because if it’s not right, it won’t hurt.

Last night I went to bed and dreamt of my mum, she was alive, warm and beautiful. We hugged and I cried, I’m crying now as I write this but that’s good because they are happy tears.  

I think he was right, the remedy was deep.