Happiness Jar


I’ve made a happiness jar, it’s full of happiness, wishes and aspirations.  I usually make New Years resolutions. Last year I did okay with them but I often find at the end of the year I rarely remember what my intentions were.  This year I’ve written down my hopes and dreams  and put them into a jar with little crystals, glitter, lucky heather and other bits and bobs.  I’m going to put it up on a shelf where I can see it, so that I remember and maybe add to it.

Some of my friends and family have also added to my jar.  I have some beautifully simple and deeply profound messages.  We don’t always know what is best for us, so the wishes of others, given in love adds that little something else, a little sparkle I think.

It is a little like recreating yourself, filling yourself up with goodness, I’m enjoying thinking about all the things inside.  I can look through the glass, into the interior of the jar and remember how positive I was when I created it, remember the love of those that added to it.

It will be good to go through these messages at the end of the year, remember how I was feeling and think about the things I have achieved.

Daily Prompt – Interior


Everything Changes

As we open the gate to the future, 

to a life we have yet in store.

Cross that threshold to tomorrow, 

so today will be no more.

We’ll trust in what is yet unknown, 

just to leave it down to faith.

A hope that we will find our way, 

with a prayer for human race.

Leave behind what we conquered, 

with those things we didn’t do.

Stepping through to another day, 

and everything changes but you.


~ lizalizaskysaregrey©2016