Night falls and darkness comes,

cars slow on the road below.

Shadows making pictures now,

for the walls to put on a show.

My monkey brain is shouting,

so much louder than the day.

As much as I want to go to sleep,

this buzz will not fade away.

Just an hour ago I was tired out,

I could hardly keep my eyes open.

The thing I asked as I retired,

was one night with sleep unbroken.

Now my legs just want to dance,

like those shadows on the walls.

Ideas I had and somehow lost,

it’s just now I find I’ll recall.

I turn my head and turn it back,

as I need those pillows cold.

Throw the bedclothes on the floor,

it’s not that I’m being bold.

Oh sleeplessness I hate you so much,

I’ll never welcome you in.

Perhaps I’ll make a milky drink,

no maybe I’ll go for the gin!




I’m guessing you know when I wrote this!

24 thoughts on “Sleeplessness”

      1. Written down your email thanks. I thought you be busy with your new business. I hope it is going well and you have had time for you.
        When you have time, it may be worth catching up on my blog, but work is brill. I still enjoy every minute.
        Money is tight though, so I am hoping my luck will happen with a council place. As well as one bed flats, I tick for two beds sometimes, as still be cheaper than where I am, but I don’t really want a two bed. One is enough.
        I have also decided to bid on studios when they crop up. First impressions, a better chance may happen. I am watching closely on future bids.
        After holiday to Newark, it will be my last holiday until income is better. I plan to save any money I can, in case I go down the route of buying my own place.
        I am enjoying summer doing things that cost little, or no money.

        Court case coming up two weeks on Friday, for the lad who killed my cousin and her husband, with his car. So I am obviously doing certain things as part of my self-care to get through this difficult time, as I plan to attend court. Xx


      1. All is good with me now thanks, I lost my mum on Christmas Eve seven weeks after being told she had stage four cancer in various places. I was with right up until she passed over, it was such a wonderful experience Liza and an honour. We were blessed to have her until she was 87 😇


      2. I’m so sorry to hear that Elaine, I loved to hear about your mum, even with the humour it was clear your relationship was wonderful. Yes, you are very right, we are so blessed when we experience that sort of relationship with our parents. Five years this year since I lost mum, but not a day goes by I don’t think of her. Lots of love to you xxx

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