He would so like to ooze charisma,

and to stop people in the street.

But he really isn’t that special,

whoever it is he’s trying to beat.

He has a mighty big ego you see,

as he thinks it’s all about him.

There’s those who smile to his face,

but still think he’s pretty dim.

He thinks he exudes intelligence,

but there is very little there.

When anyone shows any interest,

it is just their trying to care.

If only he would put others first,

or at least just once in a while.

It wouldn’t really hurt him much,

if he could only attempt a smile. 



My Parallel World

Last night I had the strangest of dreams, I returned to a place I’d been before but it had changed. I spent ages finding my way around although I knew the place of old. I believe some building work had been going on and I was trying to find a supermarket I used to go to but it took a while. I found it eventually and went in to do my shopping, I felt much better having found my bearings.

When I woke up I had the strangest feeling I’d visited myself in a parallel universe, ¬†parallel world or different lifetime. I had been so familiar with the way things had been and so confused by the changes that had been made, but for the life of me I don’t think I’ve ever been to this place. I laid there in bed going over it in my mind, trying to pull from my memory how I knew this place and had memories of it being so different. I travelled to every country in the world I have ever visited or lived and couldn’t find it. I’m baffled by the dream, I can’t get it out of my mind.

Now if it was a different lifetime, I believe in past lives as you know, it would have been a different era, but it wasn’t it was sort of now. The people in my dream, were the people I know now, well some of them, but again they were slightly different. I wondered if I am alive somewhere else at the same time, could the theory on parallel lives be true.

I had the feeling I was in the US, I’m not sure where, it might even have been Canada but certainly that side of the Atlantic, I just can’t remember it. It really was the strangest of dreams because when I first woke up I couldn’t quite work out which place was the dream and which was real.

I’m having the weirdest of dreams at the moment, this is just one of many that are playing on my mind. I suppose I have moved, I am in new surroundings and a little confused. I wondered if any of my readers can make any more sense of it.


To Leave You in the Lurch

I didn’t mean to go away,

or to leave you in the lurch.

It’s just I needed time for me,

I’ve moved to a new perch.

Yet another move in a year,

I found it took it out of me.

I needed time to find myself,

and a space so I could see.

I’m now I’m back for a bit,

as I’m off to France in days.

I’ll try to send you updates,

you know I won’t stay away.


My attempt at today’s daily prompt word was an apology for being absent, not because I haven’t been updating my blog but because I’ve missed so many of your posts.

I moved again and I think it took it out of me a little this time, I needed a little space for me, to adjust to my new surroundings and sort some things out. I don’t think it was such a bright idea to move between the partial and full eclipse, let’s not forget the opening of the Lion’s Gate either!

I imagine a few people have taken time out, it’s been a funny time, lots of energy and emotions flying about but I’m hoping it will settle now.

Anyway I’m sorry I have missed your posts, I will do my best to catch up with them over the next few days while I’m away.

It’s good to be back ūüôā


I Move

I dance as I’m swept along by the wind,

not clinging onto the trees.

Twisting along past those rain clouds,

going just where I please.

Those old roots are in my pockets now,

I’ll keep them moist and fed.

Until I plant them in the ground again,

remembering how to embed.

But for now I’m like a spinning feather,

light and catching the sun.

Dancing across these earthly planes,

laughing and having fun.

I’ve been that couch potato before,¬†

I’m not doing it anymore.

As when each chapter is over now, 

I know there’s more to explore.


A bit how I feel at the moment, with most of the things that hold me down in storage, I’m lighter, I can move around easily.¬†

We can put roots down anywhere we please at any time, we are not trees. As beautiful as they are, we don’t have to stay put, we have the ability to change our environment at any time.

Why spend life in one place, become like trees in an organised  orchard when we have roots we can move. We are so lucky, we are able to explore and make the most of life. Stop off, experience and then move on to experience more.

I know it’s not how life works, I know we need jobs, need connections and these things keep us in one place, but isn’t this a pity. I’ve stayed in places I love and that’s great but I’ve also stayed where I’m unhappy and that’s just not good enough.

I’ll settle down again but for now I feel a bit like a feather and I’m enjoying the experience.



Two Little Boys 

Two little boys are squabbling now, 

just like children throwing stones.

Shouldn’t we tell their mummy’s, 

I think they should really go home.

Arguing about who’s the biggest, 

yet it’s warheads their shouting about.

I think we should close the playground, 

isn’t it about time they got out!



I’m waking up at ridiculous o’clock wondering what the news is going to say today. 

I’m beyond horrified, I’m flabbergasted that these children continue to play with our lives as if we are counters at the bottom of a toy box, cast aside for the big guns. 

I really think it’s time we put them to bed, time for mum’s and dads to take back control don’t you think?

I’m not politically minded, I don’t understand war or rhetoric but I understand care and I think it’s about time we took some care of our planet and lives.

Hopefully with that out I can go back to sleep!

Casual Me

I’m trying to be very casual about this house move, so much so that I haven’t even booked a van yet. I’ve taken a couple of loads over to Kent myself but I really won’t fit the furniture I have into my two seater mini coupe.

Most of my things are in storage from my last move three months ago. I took a temporary rental, but hadn’t quite appreciated how temporary it would be. The flat I’m in has now been sold, quicker because it’s a cash buyer, so I’m off to pastures new.

I’m reluctant to leave Sussex, I’ve been here fifteen years and my son’s here but I don’t want to commit to a whole years contract when I don’t really know where I want to be or where I want to settle. I might well come back but want time to think about it, I sort of feel there is more out there and don’t just want to settle for what I’m comfortable with.

How can I be so casual, I don’t know! One minute I tell myself the universe is unfolding as it should, the next I’m like a rabbit in the headlights. Breath, I keep telling myself, it’s supposed to be, this is where you find yourself. This is the next chapter, just turn the page. But I’m in that place in a book, where a chapter has just ended and you just sit and ponder it a little.

Work will hopefully be okay, I can plan visits, use Skype and hopefully get more clients wherever I go, ha ha that’s sorted then. I still do a little consultancy, though I keep threatening to give it up and I have a chest full of ideas.

I ask myself what would I do if money was no object. It’s easy, I would never be in one place, I would travel, maybe have a flat in the UK and another in Spain or somewhere on the med anyway. I’d have time for all of my passions, I’d have time just to be me without the need to settle because it’s expected. Then I ask myself why money makes a difference, another easy answer, it keeps fear at bay.

I so want to be a butterfly, I want to be casual and just flit from place to place, take life as it comes, but being so casual takes courage. I think to be truly casual you might just need a lottery win first!



What do you Think?

I saw my grandpa on the night he died, he was standing over me looking down. I was terrified at the time, hid under the covers until morning, praying that God would make him go away.

I loved my grandpa dearly, but knew his body had been taken from the house, I knew he was at the undertakers. I never mentioned it to my Gran, his partner of over fifty years. As an Irish Catholic I think she might have washed my mouth out and certainly wouldn’t have believed me. I didn’t offer to stay another night and any times I stayed following that night, I always hopped in with my Gran. I never saw him again but have often been told he is with me.

I believe in life after death, you’ve probably gathered that by now if you’re a regular reader of my blog, but I have so many questions. One of these questions is, if a body has been disposed of, how can it look the same? Sometimes I believe, or have heard, they might look younger, healthier, happier. But why do we see them as they once were when they have left their bodies. Is it the energy we recognise, our brain doing the rest, or is it them, does a spiritual body have some sort of form?

After my mother died, I sat up for nights looking for her, I was sure she would appear, I’d asked her to come back but she didn’t. I think maybe my childhood fear closed the shutters. I think I have prevented myself from ever seeing anything quite like this again.

I’ve seen other things, people I don’t know, but not in the same way. Although they might look like they are in the room, I know they are in my head, it’s different. After my cat died she jumped on the bed a few times, the last time I kept my eyes closed hoping she would stay and she padded all around me before disappearing again. I think she came to let me know she was okay, just as my grandpa did.

I’ve seen a Buddhist Monk and a Big Warrior sort of guy, I don’t know them. I see or sense people who aren’t really there, can’t be seen by anyone else, but never like grandpa.

Sometimes when I’m in bed, I’m tickled, touched I think. It’s like a stroke, the most gentlest stroke, sometimes like a spiders web across my face or hand.

Now for reincarnation, I’m a firm believer in this too. I regress people and take them into future possible lives. I’ve been regressed and seen the men and women I have been. So if we live so many lifetimes, why do we look like the last if we come back like grandpa? I’m not sure I make sense, let’s try again. If I have one soul, but many bodies, surely they are all part of me, so I would look like a mixture of them all. Or is it my soul would look like me to anyone who knew me in this life, but different if I was visiting a past life in France?

It’s all bloody fascinating, I’m intrigued but suppose I’ll only ever know for sure when I get there and that’s if I’m right. I’ve sort of come to the conclusion it’s all energy, we recognise the energy and our human brains do the rest. The people I don’t know, like the monk, I put his energies into the form I recognised. I’m not sure from where, maybe a different life. Or maybe my soul, knows him, maybe my soul recognised him as a monk.

No I’m cheating a bit on the daily post today, although my grandpa was my grans partner. I haven’t got a partner to chew this over so I though I’d ask what you think. It would be great if someone could answer my questions or at least give them a go.

This is how my mind works when I’m procrastinating. I should be packing for my house move on Tuesday not working out the whys and wherefores of life and death!



From rain that gently patters,

to calling of men to prayer,

The wild rushes as they blow,

leaves that scatter there.

Tinkling of the wind chimes,

the children as they play.

The rattle of their scooters,

birds at the end of the day.

Oh there’s the sound of silence,

just listen if you can.

To the symphony of nature,

mixed with the world of man.







I Pray

I pray I can climb a high mountain,

be in touch with the divine.

Swim across seas of the deepest blues, 

drink of the finest of wines.

Travel this world then go far beyond,

dance on stars so bright.

Harness the sun as it rises at dawn,

ride hard until setting at night.

I pray I experience all that there is, 

yet still be hungry for more.

I pray I dance through my final years,

there’s so much more to explore.



The Rain




Today, the rain is relentless, I believe it might go on forever looking out of the window. It immobilises me, I’m stuck, I’m¬†thoughtful, it brings all of my emotions to the surface. ¬†

It’s funny, how in nature flowers close as if protecting their hearts from the onslaught, while at the same time needing the rain to grow. I look out at the rain and want to cry, or at least it brings up emotions.

I look at the balcony outside of my window and notice that it’s been cleaned of dust, the leaves on the plants look fresh and webs have been washed away. It reminds me that we need storms in life.¬†


The rain,

laughing at me through the window,

as loudly,

it taunts me.


It pours,

like the tears running from my eyes,

as heavily,

they fall.


A crash,

thundering like my broken heart,

as flashes,

light the sky.


I feel,

that pain will be cleansed by the storm,

and life, 

is restored.