If I have walked this earth before,

oh where are the tracks I made.

If I have walked this earth before,

are all my past debts now paid.

If I have breathed in this same air,

in who’s lungs was it I breathed.

If I have breathed in this same air,

can the memories be retrieved.

And all the water that ever was,

quenches my thirst once more.

And all the water that ever was,

runs throughout me to the core.

Fires that have burned in time,

rage throughout my body now.

Fires that have burned in time,

again light my way somehow.

Of these elements I am joined,

they play in the dance I perform.

Of these elements I am joined,

until death from the day I was born.




What do you Think?

I saw my grandpa on the night he died, he was standing over me looking down. I was terrified at the time, hid under the covers until morning, praying that God would make him go away.

I loved my grandpa dearly, but knew his body had been taken from the house, I knew he was at the undertakers. I never mentioned it to my Gran, his partner of over fifty years. As an Irish Catholic I think she might have washed my mouth out and certainly wouldn’t have believed me. I didn’t offer to stay another night and any times I stayed following that night, I always hopped in with my Gran. I never saw him again but have often been told he is with me.

I believe in life after death, you’ve probably gathered that by now if you’re a regular reader of my blog, but I have so many questions. One of these questions is, if a body has been disposed of, how can it look the same? Sometimes I believe, or have heard, they might look younger, healthier, happier. But why do we see them as they once were when they have left their bodies. Is it the energy we recognise, our brain doing the rest, or is it them, does a spiritual body have some sort of form?

After my mother died, I sat up for nights looking for her, I was sure she would appear, I’d asked her to come back but she didn’t. I think maybe my childhood fear closed the shutters. I think I have prevented myself from ever seeing anything quite like this again.

I’ve seen other things, people I don’t know, but not in the same way. Although they might look like they are in the room, I know they are in my head, it’s different. After my cat died she jumped on the bed a few times, the last time I kept my eyes closed hoping she would stay and she padded all around me before disappearing again. I think she came to let me know she was okay, just as my grandpa did.

I’ve seen a Buddhist Monk and a Big Warrior sort of guy, I don’t know them. I see or sense people who aren’t really there, can’t be seen by anyone else, but never like grandpa.

Sometimes when I’m in bed, I’m tickled, touched I think. It’s like a stroke, the most gentlest stroke, sometimes like a spiders web across my face or hand.

Now for reincarnation, I’m a firm believer in this too. I regress people and take them into future possible lives. I’ve been regressed and seen the men and women I have been. So if we live so many lifetimes, why do we look like the last if we come back like grandpa? I’m not sure I make sense, let’s try again. If I have one soul, but many bodies, surely they are all part of me, so I would look like a mixture of them all. Or is it my soul would look like me to anyone who knew me in this life, but different if I was visiting a past life in France?

It’s all bloody fascinating, I’m intrigued but suppose I’ll only ever know for sure when I get there and that’s if I’m right. I’ve sort of come to the conclusion it’s all energy, we recognise the energy and our human brains do the rest. The people I don’t know, like the monk, I put his energies into the form I recognised. I’m not sure from where, maybe a different life. Or maybe my soul, knows him, maybe my soul recognised him as a monk.

No I’m cheating a bit on the daily post today, although my grandpa was my grans partner. I haven’t got a partner to chew this over so I though I’d ask what you think. It would be great if someone could answer my questions or at least give them a go.

This is how my mind works when I’m procrastinating. I should be packing for my house move on Tuesday not working out the whys and wherefores of life and death!


Love is just a Word

I’ve been thinking about karmic relationships quite a bit lately. Those people we keep coming back with to resolve or learn something, the people who come along with us to help us with our lessons.

I don’t think they come back for us but at the same time, they are on their own paths too, with their own lessons. It’s just that the paths are intertwined somehow, their lives and ours wrapped up together for a while.

There’s purpose, everyone we meet is meant to be, even the meetings of moments, the person who picks up a dropped glove, the person who stops to let you cross the road, it’s all in the play.

I call it a play, because that’s sort of what it is, all the actors are in place, but we improvise, there isn’t a script, we can decide where we go with each meeting. I can smile at the man who picks up my glove and make his day or frown because the glove is wet and ignore his kindness. Each of these actions will have a different impact, each will change his day.

I don’t necessarily believe in chance meetings, I think they are destined, it’s what we do after, that changes the course of events. If I’m supposed to meet you on 17th November 2017, I will, how I get there will depend on what I do today or tomorrow, you too, but we will meet. Mind boggling, isn’t it, but it’s what I believe.

People come in and out of our lives, some stay, some move through quite quickly, each of them change us in some way. They change us through their actions and our responses, as we do them. It’s all in the plan, the plan we once knew about but forgot.

I think we come here to learn and perfect certain qualities, like kindness, compassion, empathy and love. To learn we have to be presented with situations that teach, through situations that are not alway easy, we help each other.

My dad has always talked about his mother not loving him, he never felt loved by her and she never told him she loved him. My dad because of this has always found it difficult to express love himself, I’d go as far to say understand love in the real sense of the word. That’s funny, it’s not a word, but until we know love it is just a word. I think they will come back together again, I told him this earlier and he looked horrified. My dad thinks he has made an agreement with the almighty that he will be born again with his late wife in Australia, who am I to argue!

That got me thinking about my relationships, who I might have travelled with through many lifetimes. My mum, sister and son for sure as I know their souls and my dad too because that has been a learning experience for both of us. Who else, I don’t know, my best friends, certainly. But what about those that have caused pain, hurt me or betrayed me, what about those I have hurt, yes we will meet again, we will be given another chance to get things right.

I want to make the most of all the relationships I have in life, those before me anyway. I would also like to let go of past hurts, recognise them for what they were and take the lessons with me.

I’ve seen someone in regressions, they are different people but the same soul. I want to stroke their face each time and that’s not something I would do. I’ve not met this person this time yet, I wonder about them, will I meet them or will I have to wait.

Mentally I want to make peace with all those I’ve known, those that have moved on, those I’m no longer in contact with. I want to have learnt from the experience, I want it to be okay, for them too.

I could go on rambling, but I won’t, I’ll save it for when we meet on 17th November 😉



Impression of a Flower



The flower whispered in my ear,

it was so close to me.

Heard it speak inside my head,

it wished to help me see.

For flowers grow as they do,

flowers come from love.

The flower told me gently,

it came down from above.

To work with mother nature,

to show us how to live.

To remind us of our promise,

in life we have to give.

Relying on the rains that fall,

the sunshine in the sky.

The flower is our teacher here,

the flower doesn’t lie.

It shows us how to open up,

to let things fall away.

To bow our heads at nightfall,

to wait another day.

Flowers feed all sorts of bees,

teach us how to share.

Doesn’t hold onto its pollen,

to give yourself is to care.

The flowers isn’t afraid of death,

knows it will return.

Always being springs to see,

lots more here to learn.

The flowers think we’re stupid,

in a sort of kindly way.

Not knowing we’re connected,

really don’t have a say.

We keep returning to the earth,

we get it wrong again.

Don’t understand our lessons,

judge them just as pain.

We remember more as babies,

but forget so very soon.

Unlike the gentle flowers,

we loose it when we bloom. 

It gave me a strong impression,

that it wanted to help me see.

So I would write a poem right here,

on how flowers want us to be.





The Field

Life is like walking barefooted across a field. Wild flowers spread out across the field in front of us, some in the sunshine and those under the tree. Each flower we come across is a different experience, a person we meet, a moment in time.

Each flower is a lesson, a message from the divine, a memory coming to the surface. We cannot possibly experience each and every flower, there are too many to encounter, some will be here next time we cross. 

Make the most of each flower you see on your way across the field, look closely at it, see how it shimmers in the sun, listen to it but do not pick it. As you reach the other side, take a deep breath, hold onto what you have learnt, it may be a while before you cross again.

~ Liza




I don’t want my life to be meaningless, how many times have we heard that, but it’s true, I don’t. Then what is meaningless and to who does it mean nothing? I think every life must mean something, even those we can’t find the meaning in.

I’m a regression therapist, well that’s one of the things I do. Because of this, I realise I’m more than the person I am today, I am everybody I have ever been. That helps with the ego a bit because it’s not all about me, the person I am today, it’s about those other parts of me stored in my subconscious. Everyone I have ever been or might be is with me now, I know that’s hard to get your head around.  My soul has travelled, it’s learnt and spent time on many a meaningless pursuit.

When I was regressed a few years back, I visited several lives, my favourite a doctor who kept a journal of his findings, I loved him. Then there was this one woman I saw, it was me, I had no time for her, I didn’t like her because she had wasted her life, it had been meaningless. Now as I think about her today, was it so meaningless if my visiting her, helped me see I wanted a purpose in this life.  Interesting isn’t it, can we waste a life to help another, now there’s a thought!

Daily Prompt – Meaningless


The Emperor

The shackles of time adorn his feet and yet he is young.  He waits patiently for he knows that the gods will not hurry, he is but one in a universe of waiting.  His seat is old and yet warm with the memories of those that have gone before, it will remain in these realms and serve as the throne of another.  Although young in this life he has travelled here before, learning each time but will come again.  The impatient youth of another lifetime went on before him, this time he is patient, knowing, at peace with himself.  He has had company on his travels and left his mark in the places he has visited.  His ghost remains on the earth and the people whose path he has crossed have an indent of his being on their soul.   He is a thoughtful man, when he speaks it is with clarity, boldly speaking his truth.  The eagle, adorned with golden feathers is ready to fly having lived many lifetimes with the man, the bird will wait for his return but for now it prepares its feathers for the next flight.  There are no possessions on this plateau except the memories and lessons of this life reflected in an orb of light in his right hand.  The young man looks into this as he waits, reflecting, thinking and listening to the universe.


Something I wrote some years back, I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time of writing but found it interesting when I read it back again today.



I wear a coat of many colours, a chameleon as such.

I chop and change my outside, don’t wear the same face much.

I’ve sat on many cushions, woven through with many tales.

Comfortable just for a while, then comes my time to sail.

I wear a hat then cast it off, as like my mind I change.

Each day a new beginning, we will never have again.

Ridden on a donkey’s back, driven a new car.

Miles and miles I’ve trodden here, travelled very far.

Transitioning through lifetimes with a book of many tasks.

I am a different person now, I have so many masks.

But then to step inside of me, the makeup is the same.

There will always be an essence here, when I come back again.

So watch me very closely, as through this life I go.

We will meet again sometime, but only we will know.

Thoughts on Spirituality

We spend a lot of time trying to discover who we really are, find out what we should be doing and how to live our lives. We attempt to connect with our true selves, through meditation, mindfulness and just regular kindness. We treat our bodies well and love as we should, unconditionally when we can. We are kind to the planet and follow as best we can the recommended spiritual pathways. Thousands of books have been written on the subject of spirituality, from many different points of view, but who are we really?

I believe we are spirit incarnated in a physical body, living regular lives on this planet called earth and that is the problem. A spiritual being is made up of energy and colour but without form, spirit is thought, love and feeling not matter. When we are born into this earthly existence wherever we came from and whatever we knew before, the first primitive things that hit us are the needs of our physical body. We need warmth, food, clothing and shelter and there it begins our departure from anything we were connected with before. We have to find our way through a world based on materialism, where what you own counts more than what you do. We are programmed from the moment of our birth into whatever society we are born into, there starts the race back.

I believe we come her with a plan, we know what our purpose is and have a hand (turn of phrase) in planning our journey. I think we even choose our families and friends in returning to the same soul groups, but play a different part each time. Not all performances get a standing ovation, but we can hope we get it right this time. We know as spiritual beings what the objectives are, in our all seeing all knowing form we understood. In retuning to the same soul groups we will influence and challenge each other, assist each others journey and hold each other back. Until we realise this journey is ours and ours alone we will not fully make progress, that is not to say that a big part of our journey might be service to others.

I think we choose our challenges but that is  undertaken from a higher perspective, where we have what I call, the long view. We know what experiences we need to realise and overcome in order to grow and make progress on our spiritual pathway but we have to do it in a materialistic world full of obstacles from the moment we arrive. It does seem like a cruel trick, a difficult level in a game that we have to keep repeating until we get it right. But we do progress, I can look back on my life and see the steps I have made to get here now. I hate looking back, I’m not proud of some of my selfish and often easier choices earlier on. They say your life flashes before you when you die, there are bits of it that I see now and recognise as failure. But I hope I’m marked on my overall performance, what steps I made along the way and how much I changed. What if we get it wrong, do we have to do it all again, I’m inclined to think we do.

I believe in reincarnation, I’m not sure how it works but I believe in the continuation of the soul and reincarnation seems to me to sit nicely within it. So each life we progress until we reach a place in which we do not have to return. I’m sure there is more work to do after this but we won’t need to return again unless we chose to in order to help others. There’s a thought, say we return as a master and get it wrong, do we have to start at the very beginning. I think it can be easier to understand if you look at it like a game of snakes and ladders, each life is a new game and how quickly we get to the top depends on what we find in our way. It is so easy to land on a snake and find ourselves back where we started.

So we experience rejection, loss, poverty and illness here and have no idea why. I think that we probably have to come to a physical environment to experience these things. We are spirits learning how to be better and this is a stage in our learning, we need to overcome and find the true purpose of life in a place that doesn’t have the answers. If we think of the afterlife as a library and ourselves as students we have to agree we couldn’t sit our exams in a library, we have to find an appropriate place, an exam centre so to speak. We are all students working through the practical stage of the exam and we won’t get our results until we complete it, this might just be the foundation level.

So what about our higher selves, our greater consciousness, the part we tap into sometimes when we meditate. I’ve been told that we are connected by an invisible thread and that part of ourselves does not come to earth but remains in the spiritual planes. When we truly connect with our higher self we get the answers, because that part of us knows and can guide us in the right direction. I visualise my teenage self up there with my higher self, I think she can learn from her as could I.  One problem with any form of connection is that it is we talk with our mouths, listen with our ears and work things out with our brains, spirit don’t have these things any more so we have to learn telepathy or something in order to interpret what we think we feel.

Anyway who knows, sometimes I think maybe we should just let the mystery be and find out when the race is run.