I smell your scent while I’m sleeping,

it wakes me right out of my dreams.

I feel that you might be close then,

there’s more to death than it seams.

A waft of your perfume can stop me,

halting the things I’m trying to do.

It is a fragrance that is so familiar,

it carries me straight back to you.

The perfume is right on the bedside,

but I know it is not that I can smell.

As the scent is tied to my memories,

and I just know it is you, I can tell.

That aroma is linked to emotion,

it is one I connect straight to you.

I’m beaming when I smell you near,

I just so wish I could see you too.


Daily Prompt – Scent



If I could get a replacement, of only just one thing,

I’d find it so hard to choose, I’d really have to think.

Would it be my thinning hair, that frizzes if it rains,

would it be my bunions that cause me so much pain.

Would I just replace my head, with one that’s pretty,

If I did there’s a slight chance, that I’d be more witty.

I suppose it’s face or figure, when it come down to it,

I wish I could just make up my mind as I’m a little split.


Daily Prompt – Replacement


I Wonder….

I wonder what I’m searching for 

within this, my time on earth.

Answers being just out of grasp,

maybe happiness and mirth.

But surely there’s more than that,

in those answers that I seek.

Some don’t know their searching,

you can hear it as they speak.

When I was young I didn’t know 

I might be searching for clues.

In thinking that I was out of luck

when I suffered the blues.

As I became much older just I knew

that there had to be more.

But what that is and where it lies

I’m still not so totally sure .

I think that I’m a little bit nearer

but will I ever get there.

There really seams so much to find

with so little time to spare.

I wonder if I lived some more,

like another hundred years.

If I’d find those answers I seek

and life my would be clear.




Relating to Others

Have you ever held the idea that is perhaps easier to get on with or work with one sex or type of character than another, I for one certainly have.  I believe when we do this, it is because we are taking ourselves and our own preferences along to the meeting, we are not actually seeing the other person, we are seeing what we assume the other to be like.  Therefore we start from a point of prejudging based on our own life experiences.

Relating with others it is important for us to remember our humanness, that underneath it all, we are all just basically the same. We are all human beings, we are living in human bodies with human minds, that makes us the same. That we might hail from different places, have different experiences,  beliefs, cultures, religions is secondary, because we are all basically human beings.

When we relate to another in this way, not from position, gender or beliefs we can truly connect. We need to put away ourselves, the ideas we have collected along the way and connect as human to human. To understand another we need to understand firstly their humanness.

If we are to help others, be it through work or friendship we have to see them as they truly are and put away any preconceived ideas that we might harbour.  There are so many people in the world who are needing help who are looked at first as the problem not as the person. If we only see others as the baggage that hangs from them or from our own preconceptions we haven’t got a chance of helping or understanding them.

It’s not easy as we often relate from a point of similar interests or experience, but doesn’t that just confirm our own preferences.  Relating to others is as much about what they can teach us as how we can help them.

These are just some random thoughts on understanding others in a world that seems to have lost the ability to do so.



Watching the News?

I wasn’t watching the news, now I am, I’m stuck between not wanting to absorb all the hate in the world and living in ignorance while others are suffering. Living in my own little world of rose petals might be good for my soul but it doesn’t give me the opportunity to care about the souls of others.

I get it, I’m going to bed depressed again because of the world we live in, but I can’t turn it off because I live here too. It’s no use pretending I’m going to sit in my own little zen garden all day while there are people out there suffering because by the time I open the garden gate it might be too late.

I have to be careful what I take in, I know the news is full of trash. I also know we all live in our own personal echo chambers dependant of what side we sit with but I won’t ignore it anymore.  I talk about loving each other a lot in my writing, it’s something I live by and believe that love is the answer, so therefore I can’t shut myself off, after all where is the love in that?



Your energy lights up my world, 

you are always bright.

Your sunny face of happiness, 

helps me feel alright.

Your sweeping vibrant colour, 

spreads across the land.

The way you mirror sunshine, 

makes my heart expand.

Your whispers are so gentle, 

soft and rather mellow.

The sweetest little daffodils, 

I love your happy yellow.  🌼 

Daily Prompt – Yellow