I Wonder….

I wonder what I’m searching for 

within this, my time on earth.

Answers being just out of grasp,

maybe happiness and mirth.

But surely there’s more than that,

in those answers that I seek.

Some don’t know their searching,

you can hear it as they speak.

When I was young I didn’t know 

I might be searching for clues.

In thinking that I was out of luck

when I suffered the blues.

As I became much older just I knew

that there had to be more.

But what that is and where it lies

I’m still not so totally sure .

I think that I’m a little bit nearer

but will I ever get there.

There really seams so much to find

with so little time to spare.

I wonder if I lived some more,

like another hundred years.

If I’d find those answers I seek

and life my would be clear.




8 thoughts on “I Wonder….”

      1. Your posts always make me feel good when I read them. They’re full of love and I can feel your soul in your writing. It’s very comforting

        Liked by 1 person

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