Traces of You

I trace my hand across the page

of that book you loved so much.

Trace my fingers through the lace,

of the scarf you used to touch.

Trace the outline of your face,

on the glass of the picture frame.

Trace my fingers through the mist,

as I’m still spelling out your name.

You left a trace, no so much more,

on that day when you left my side.

I trace a teardrop down my face,

it’s this grief that I just can’t hide.




Take on Life

Is it the camera or the eye that takes the photo, is it the scene or the observer that creates the magic?

I think that perhaps each photograph holds a little of the photographer, it captures a moment that only they witnessed, in a way it captures their soul. It certainly captures how they see life, what speaks to them and through their photography, they speak to us.

As we walk through life we come across many scenes, many stories to be told. It is the observer that connects, it is the observer that tells the story in whatever art form, they are the channel.

Does the flower open for the photographer, scene unfold for the painter and move for the writer, poet or dancer. Are we capturing moments or are they simply occurring just for us.

I feel nature talks to us, it gives us messages, it teaches and if we feel we understand those messages, we capture them and pass them on. Photos are like memories, they capture moments in time, they take us back and add beauty to the world on a cloudy day. Photos like any other stories are quite simply our take on life.



I really don’t know much at all about photography, all my shots are taken on my trusty iPhone, I’m just pondering the question that maybe you can answer ūüôā




Nature Lessons 334

To see such depth and complexity in an person is to see maturity in a soul. We’re drawn in towards them, maybe by their difference, maybe by the silent message they give out, quite possibly by the magnificent colours of their spirit. However we are drawn, it is to the love that is so obvious in these very rare individuals.¬†

~ Liza



My Magic

So if I buff this dusty lamp,

will the magic work for me.

Will it bring me happiness,

a house with a money tree.

Could I be a brilliant writer,

of philosophy and the like.

Will buffing this piece of metal,

really make all things right.

Or I should work on the inside,

cleanse the soul so to speak.

Polishing up those scratches,

no room for blurry streaks.

And then would it be magic,

is magic just a good deed.

I’m excited by the prospect,

now I’ve planted that seed.

Magic is what you make it,

and magic is kindness to me.

Humility and understanding,

not only the things I can see.

These qualities magnificent,

they brighten up any day.

Once you’ve given magic out,

it won’t dull or go away




Power Shower

So I took a powerful shower,

let the water spray on me.

Closed my eyes as it poured,

wondered what I would see.

I felt it run across my skin,

poured right down inside.

There wasn’t any part of me,

that the water didn’t ride.

I felt the waters energy,

as it gently cleansed my soul.

Surged right throughout me,

pulling me back whole.

It soothed a raging fire,

ran throughout my earth.

Settled down any excess air,

I’m again as I was at birth

And as I dried myself again,

stepping from the shower.

I knew that I had filled myself,

restored all my inner power.



Time Out


I have been taking time out, I’ve been recovering from my house move I suppose and have felt the need just to be. It’s crucial we take time just to be, to put life on hold and be with ourselves for this is where we discover who we are, this is the place we discover our own value.

In all that we do it is important to value ourselves because we are giving of ourselves constantly, and if we don’t value ourselves, then what we give is of little value.

People who work with others, in any capacity but especially on an emotional level have a responsibility to work with themselves, look after themselves and make sure that what they give is of the best quality. We can only ever give what we have, what is within us and if our energy is depleted then it makes sense that what we give is of lesser value.

I think we all expect the person we are going to visit, be it a doctor, accountant, spiritual guru to know what they are talking about, to be on top notch form, to be able to help us in what ever way is necessary. How can they do this if they don’t help themselves, how can they do this if they are racing against time, their own issues and not taking enough time out for themselves.

Yet how many people do we know that actually do this, be it with a supervisor, mentor, guide or just by themselves. How often do we intend to meditate, take a day out or have a treatment just for the good of our souls.

How often is it we actually listen, listen to ourselves or to what the universe is trying to tell us. How often is it we go inside and repair, clean and restore our precious selves. If our bodies are the homes in which our spirits live, isn’t it right we clean and bring them back to health regularly.

My time out can be alone or catching up with a good friend, it can be in silent contemplation or through inspired discussion with a like minded soul. It doesn’t matter how I take my time out, as long as I do, as long as I’m good to myself.

I can only give what I have, I have to love myself and treat myself well in order to be able to give that out. When I do I shine, I sparkle and I can share the energy of that freshness with others.





I know I’m about to detonate,

I’m wound up so tight inside,

a roller coaster of emotions,

I’m trying so hard just to hide.

The flames ignited deep inside,

the fires growing so bright,

I know I have to speak my truth,

but when the time is just right.

I’ve found my fire, harnessed it,

I am keeping it under control.

It’s growing every moment now,

just like the flower, I unfold.

The deepest rose, as red as blood,

opens to the beats of my heart,

holding back on the explosion,

I’m not sure of when to start.

But I must speak, must let it go,

as on every moment I hang.

until the time I whisper to you,

words that come with a BANG




Finding Beauty

I’m not keen on my double chin,

so I hold it way up high.

And that my waistlines spreading,

gives me sleepless nights.

I’m a little too preoccupied today,

with what is thought of me.

I know that if the truth is known,

you don’t see what I see.

We are so involved with ourselves,

that we have our blinkers on.

That reflection of us in the mirror,

well it really has it wrong.

The truth of how we really look,

is inside and tucked away.

Love stored in our heart and soul,

and what we give away.

The beauty that we look for here,

shallow and not true.

The essence of your beautiful soul,

is held inside of you.


Written after a messenger chat with a fellow blogger, thanks my beautiful friend, your words inspired me xx



Radiating Love

Radiating love outside,

creates it somewhere new,

love is like boomerang,

it comes right back to you.

To radiate our loveliness,

it brightens up all things,

puts rainbows in the sky,

encourages birds to sing.

Love can only grow you see,

when we give it out,

know that it will multiply,

there’s no room for doubt.

Don’t know if your radiating,

it’s easy can’t you see,

thoughts of love reaching out,

like branches on a tree.

Our energy so much bigger,

when we are pure and true. 

Believe me what you’re giving,

comes right back to you.