A Space in Time

I found the space I needed, 

though I didn’t know it at the time.

A space to clear my thoughts away, 

a space to give me time.

I didn’t know I was searching, 

it quite took me by surprise.

I thought I needed people near, 

such space I’d never tried.

But I’m finding myself in openness, 

time is mending my heart.

I know that life will wait for me, 

be waiting when I start.

I’ve found a little space in time, 

a safe space for recovery.

I now know that I’ve needed this, 

just took me a while to see.

I thought this place would be boring,

that people I’d need to find.

But I’ve found a piece of heaven here, 

it’s so gentle on my mind.



Take Time

Taking time to sit a while,

to contemplate what’s real.

It does’t take an awful lot,

it’s only time that we steal.

Focus on an empty mind,

let thoughts just fall away.

Fall like petals on the wind,

as those branches sway.

To find a space of stillness,

so vast and full of peace.

Just focus on a quiet breath,

let any movement cease.

This time is of the essence,

as so crucial in our lives.

Taking time to just be you,

to rid our lives of strife.




A Matter of Time


If time actually exists, I would imagine it is a reminder of how far we have travelled, of what we have ahead and a reminder of this moment. It would seem there is a time for nature, seasons, tides and light in the universe that connects to our own understanding of time. Like the hands of a clock or face of a sundial, things moves in cycles. Perhaps to show transformation, rebirth and the continuation of things such as nature and energy. Maybe it’s just the connection we have with time in our busy lives that’s wrong? Maybe we should by listening to what time is telling us rather than constantly measuring and racing against it.

~ Liza



Nature teaches us there is a time for life, a time for how long things will live, from flowers, to trees there is usually an expectation.  Life is not endless, there is a time to live and a time to die.  Given this, every moment is precious, every day brings new possibilities. Flowers do not close because there is a cloud overhead, so why should we? 

~ Liza



We’re told time is of the essence, a fact the whole world knows.

We read the time the same old way, as those days so long ago.

Time’s still measured by the hour, which is sixty minutes long.

Once the hands go round the clock, you know your hour’s gone.

Time here on earth has great control, as it measures everything.

From the minute the bank opens, to how long he might be king.

It can be seen in days and years, a number we spend on the earth.

Counted up on that final day, since the very moment of our birth.

They say that time is all we have and one day it will be to late.

As time runs out on earth too quick, each of us have this fate.

Just a blink and the day has gone, I really don’t know where it goes.

Time is quite extraordinary, in that it always seams to go.

But what if time is all made up, just an idea made of man.

What if there was no such thing, since all of life began.

What if it all happens now, or maybe in some parallel.

From birth and through to dying, honestly who could tell.

What if we turn off the clocks, or simply turn them back.

Would the world stop spinning, would that be the end of that.

What if we just thought of now, for us to get things done.

With no time to worry us, would it be so much more fun.

What if we could travel back, or forward just the same.

Make amends and put things right, even wipe out any pain.

If everything just happens now, and not in some place else .

Wouldn’t now just be space, to make the most of ourselves.



Daily Prompt – Clock


Open yourself up to the glory of today, connect to the energy of the here and now

Let the echoing tic tocks of yesterday’s memories, just be still somehow

Be not wading in the past or pushing for the future but rather here in the moment

Know that yesterday sleeps and tomorrow will wake only when time has spoken

Experience the now, not the shadow of the past or haze of what’s yet to come

Stop watching the clock, dispense with time and be present in the lives of everyone


It’s scaring me now, you’ve been gone so long,

time passing too quickly, it feels very wrong.

I need to wind back the clocks, to remember the days,

as incredibly clear before you went away.

I’m feeling so frightened, that you’ll leave my mind,

with your face disappearing, then you left behind.

I’m trying to hold on to our time here as clear,

the smells and the touch, I’m just needing you near.

I’m remembering now, love and laughter we shared,

please visit in dreams, I don’t want to feel scared.

Please do get in touch, let me know your still here,

then stop time from moving,  it’s nearly two years.