All You Need…..


The universe is not outside of you, look inside yourself, everything that you want you are ~ Rumi

All you need, you already have, everything that you require to get through life you already possess. We hold great knowledge within us, we came with it, we just need to trust in this truth and locate it.

It is in our capability to access all the knowledge we will ever need, it is inside each of us and all of us, as individuals and as united souls. Asking means listening and trusting, remaining open to suggestion but listening for and trusting in our own internal voice.

We are older than we think, older than our bodies, we have been here before and we will come here again, we are old souls and can access all that we need to know, we can remember and tap into the souls of many lifetimes and access the universal knowledge that flows through these lives.

There are no questions without answers, even the ones we have not answered on earth have been answered at some point on some plane. We are capable of accessing these answers, because they were written for us.

Yes, we forget, we become immersed in the physical and forget our greatness. We forget to trust, we somehow lost the belief we were born with.

Take a look at nature, nature hasn’t forgot, nature continues without schools, newspapers and brainwashing. We are nature and like nature we can find answers, we are meant to flow like a river, bloom like a flower, rise and fall like the sun and come together like the seas.

Look at the butterfly and ask how it knew to build a chrysalis, if it thought about it, if it knew it would ever fly, because I think if they could talk, they would tell us they followed their instincts, they listened to their internal voice.

Do you hear that inner voice, and if so, does it tell you if you ask what you find you already intuitively know or point you in the right direction when you come to a fork in the road. Do you have a certain feeling that you have an inner knowing, but fail to trust in it?

I think it’s about time we started to listen to ourselves, practice this ancient skill and follow our own intuition. The world is a scary place when everyone looks to another for answers, is happy to be led by those that profess to know, or want the power of control.

We have lost the art of knowing, we have forgotten what we once knew, we have given in somehow and become reliant on being told.

All that we will ever need we already possess…..




How do you Meditate

Everybody meditates nowadays, there are umpteen classes for it and millions of guided meditations on the net, but is that always the best thing, does it work in a class of twenty other people or through the medium of technology. It doesn’t for me that’s for sure, for me to really be in a mediative state it’s better if I’m alone.

Meditation isn’t about sitting crossed legged and reciting a mantra, even more so if you don’t cross your legs naturally and you’re aware of the discomfort in your legs. If I meditate sitting down it has to be in a high backed easy chair, a chair that I might take a nap in, not one in which I’d eat my dinner.

For me to meditate, I have to be alone, but saying that I could be doing anything which includes cooking and cleaning. When we are focussed on something like peeling and chopping vegetables it’s the ideal time to settle the mind. I have often brought a meal to the table and wondered where I’ve been to get it. You see, I loose myself in cooking, I go off somewhere else and in doing so I somehow find myself. Cooking and cleaning are good for me, because I watch what I’m doing, remaining focussed without letting my mind wonder. It’s not something I’ve practiced, just something I’ve come to realise.

Walking in nature is probably one of my favourite meditation techniques, just being, with mother nature around me, not as myself but part of everything. I love to be in the woods, parks or beautiful gardens and away from anyone else. The seashore too, watching the tide come in and flow out again, letting everything else fall away.

I’m not a fan of guided meditations, it might be something to do with my imagination, I have always walked down the steps, along the shore, looked at the sky or whatever it is before I am instructed to do so. This totally throws me off and brings me back into the room quicker than you like.

Daydreaming is different, allowing your imagination to take you, that is something I can do quite easily. I just send my mind off somewhere else and see what comes up, it’s like telling a story, but the interesting thing is the story often has a message I wouldn’t have found outside of my daydreaming.

People beat themselves up because they haven’t meditated and they should have, I used to, I felt terrible that I hadn’t practiced. Now I just live, I find time for myself, time to go deeper in all the things I do each day. The key I think is finding time for yourself outside of life, being at peace with yourself and the world and taking that deep breath.

So how do you meditate?



Time Out


I have been taking time out, I’ve been recovering from my house move I suppose and have felt the need just to be. It’s crucial we take time just to be, to put life on hold and be with ourselves for this is where we discover who we are, this is the place we discover our own value.

In all that we do it is important to value ourselves because we are giving of ourselves constantly, and if we don’t value ourselves, then what we give is of little value.

People who work with others, in any capacity but especially on an emotional level have a responsibility to work with themselves, look after themselves and make sure that what they give is of the best quality. We can only ever give what we have, what is within us and if our energy is depleted then it makes sense that what we give is of lesser value.

I think we all expect the person we are going to visit, be it a doctor, accountant, spiritual guru to know what they are talking about, to be on top notch form, to be able to help us in what ever way is necessary. How can they do this if they don’t help themselves, how can they do this if they are racing against time, their own issues and not taking enough time out for themselves.

Yet how many people do we know that actually do this, be it with a supervisor, mentor, guide or just by themselves. How often do we intend to meditate, take a day out or have a treatment just for the good of our souls.

How often is it we actually listen, listen to ourselves or to what the universe is trying to tell us. How often is it we go inside and repair, clean and restore our precious selves. If our bodies are the homes in which our spirits live, isn’t it right we clean and bring them back to health regularly.

My time out can be alone or catching up with a good friend, it can be in silent contemplation or through inspired discussion with a like minded soul. It doesn’t matter how I take my time out, as long as I do, as long as I’m good to myself.

I can only give what I have, I have to love myself and treat myself well in order to be able to give that out. When I do I shine, I sparkle and I can share the energy of that freshness with others.




Take Time

Taking time to sit a while,

to contemplate what’s real.

It does’t take an awful lot,

it’s only time that we steal.

Focus on an empty mind,

let thoughts just fall away.

Fall like petals on the wind,

as those branches sway.

To find a space of stillness,

so vast and full of peace.

Just focus on a quiet breath,

let any movement cease.

This time is of the essence,

as so crucial in our lives.

Taking time to just be you,

to rid our lives of strife.




Just Being

When you feel unconnected, out of sorts, confused and just not with it. Treat yourself to a little nothingness. Imagine yourself just being, become if you can, a flower opening.  Just be in this space for whatever time you have and enjoy those moments of opening, feel yourself expanding out into the world.  As you open each petal, know you have everything you need to move forward, connect and watch the confusion you felt just drop away. 

~ Liza






Becoming One

Meditate and become one with nature, bloom like a flower, spread out like a tree, want for nothing that is not already here.  You will then become at one with all things, the flowers, the trees, the skies and rivers.  Connected to this eternal life source you can experience the essence just being, travel anywhere and be part of everything.

~ Liza