How do you Meditate

Everybody meditates nowadays, there are umpteen classes for it and millions of guided meditations on the net, but is that always the best thing, does it work in a class of twenty other people or through the medium of technology. It doesn’t for me that’s for sure, for me to really be in a mediative state it’s better if I’m alone.

Meditation isn’t about sitting crossed legged and reciting a mantra, even more so if you don’t cross your legs naturally and you’re aware of the discomfort in your legs. If I meditate sitting down it has to be in a high backed easy chair, a chair that I might take a nap in, not one in which I’d eat my dinner.

For me to meditate, I have to be alone, but saying that I could be doing anything which includes cooking and cleaning. When we are focussed on something like peeling and chopping vegetables it’s the ideal time to settle the mind. I have often brought a meal to the table and wondered where I’ve been to get it. You see, I loose myself in cooking, I go off somewhere else and in doing so I somehow find myself. Cooking and cleaning are good for me, because I watch what I’m doing, remaining focussed without letting my mind wonder. It’s not something I’ve practiced, just something I’ve come to realise.

Walking in nature is probably one of my favourite meditation techniques, just being, with mother nature around me, not as myself but part of everything. I love to be in the woods, parks or beautiful gardens and away from anyone else. The seashore too, watching the tide come in and flow out again, letting everything else fall away.

I’m not a fan of guided meditations, it might be something to do with my imagination, I have always walked down the steps, along the shore, looked at the sky or whatever it is before I am instructed to do so. This totally throws me off and brings me back into the room quicker than you like.

Daydreaming is different, allowing your imagination to take you, that is something I can do quite easily. I just send my mind off somewhere else and see what comes up, it’s like telling a story, but the interesting thing is the story often has a message I wouldn’t have found outside of my daydreaming.

People beat themselves up because they haven’t meditated and they should have, I used to, I felt terrible that I hadn’t practiced. Now I just live, I find time for myself, time to go deeper in all the things I do each day. The key I think is finding time for yourself outside of life, being at peace with yourself and the world and taking that deep breath.

So how do you meditate?



15 thoughts on “How do you Meditate”

  1. What you have described about meditating when peeling veg I had never thought of until recently, after reading a book Called “The Little Book of Mindfulness,” by Dr Patrizia Collard.

    I have managed to mediate in a group, but only because I knew the group well and we all got on, so it was easy there once I was used to the meditating bit. I do prefer to do it at home and I felt I should do it more than I do, but I don’t beat myself up on it. If I was near a beach, I would love to watch the sea, because when I do get the opportunity, I know I could sit out there all day just watching and reading a book in between.
    At home, when I meditate, I am best lying down, whether that be on a mat on the floor, or on top of my bed. But I have done a sitting and watching a candle before, allowing my mind to be clear and free.

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    1. Knowing the group well does make it easier, but I still struggle moving ahead too quick if it’s guided. I do a silent meditation with friends and we often find our journeys are the same! Watching something like a candle is great, sort of what I do with nature 😊

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      1. Because of my hearing loss, I sometimes would struggle with hearing the guided talks. My instructor was aware of my hearing loss and wondered what she could do to make it easier. I told her not to worry, because when my eyes are closed, there is nothing you can do to make it easier. Instead, if I lost the guided meditation, I would go to my own, which was to imagine the sun setting; seeing the colours how they would change and the warmth I may feel from it before it sets, watching it disappear behind the sea.

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      1. Before the weather started getting too hot I would occasionally just sit in my car at the park and listen to the birds and connect with nature a little.

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