About Me

I write to untangle myself and make sense of my feelings.  My writing helps me think, reflect and process things.

I write stories and poems about people and relationships, but all of them have a little of me in them somewhere, I have to feel them to write them.  When I tell a story it is for myself although I hope they might touch others in some way.  I hope my stories will be different things to different people and I hope they help.

It’s not all stories and poems, I also try and answer my own questions about the purpose of life and other little things, I love to philosophise.  Sometimes to get something down helps me to work things out, answers seem to just pop in!  I’m not sure my answers will make much sense to anybody else but they make sense to me.  They are my own understanding and truth for the moment.

I live in Brighton, I am a mother, sister, daughter, cat owner and storyteller.  I think that stories make the world go around, they connect us, they are our ingredients, without our stories, we are not here.

Update October 2016

When I started this blog, it was when my mother was ill, I wrote to untangle my emotions. Today my ‘About Me’ is somewhat different.  I lost my mother in October 2014, those that read my blog will know that, they will know it is a wound that I carry.  Sometimes it opens and weeps a little, but with care it is managed.  I lost my cat also, she was my darling, she saw me through the death of my mother and stepfather within months of each other and then she went to join them.

I’m still a mother, daughter and sister and now I have added a stab at poetry to my writing so edited the original above a little.  Funny how that happened, last time I wrote poems I was in junior school, which you will probably recognise when you read them but I find they help me get my point across.

I am a healer, philosophiser, empath and counsellor, I probably wouldn’t have been brave enough to say that when I first started my blog but I’m braver now, life makes you brave.

I work in the field of trauma, with young people who have suffered abuse, I’m a consultant in residential care, but more and more nowadays I am working directly with people I meet through life.  I’m happy I am able to do this and it seems the universe is conspiring to put me in the right place at the right time somehow.  I seem to work with a lot of grief and loss, I work with the lonely and those looking to find their path.

I think I’m waking up, actually some days I think I’m awake.  If my life experiences help others, I’m happy.



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      1. No, I don’t know anything about Brighton, except the fact that there are Brighton’s in Michigan, and New York State. We do have have many towns in this country named after towns on the UK. I thought maybe UK since you were surprised at our weather, though Michigan and New York are both colder than we are. Have a great day! Maybe someday, I can visit Brighton, UK!


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