There is nothing in this world to fear, as fear is only  of the mind.  Fear can wrap itself around you and hold you in its clutches so you incapable of moving forward.  When fear arises in you connect to your true conscious self, the presence deep inside of you that knows you are safe and knows you as eternally powerful.

~ Liza 





Eerie – DP ;-)

I have an eerie feeling,

a feeling I can’t shake,

a cold draft wraps around me,

one my heart can’t take.

I look into the mirror,

to see who stands behind,

a misty figures lurking there,

or is it of my mind.

It looks as if it’s shrouded,

a hand is reaching near, 

trapped here with this awfulness,

although it isn’t clear.

I hold my breath and close my eyes,

a scream is deep inside,

a putrid smell in the air,

it smells like something died.

What happens now is terrifying,

the figures moving nearer.

She’ll get you too, I promise,

when you look into that mirror.



The Witch


Down deep into the forest, she walked within the trees,

a hooded cloak of deepest black, sways around her knees.

Collecting herbs and berries, a special potion to make,

one that will succeed this time, she has a spell to break.

Foxes cowered as she past, birds stayed in their nests,

no one walked these woods alone, crows the only guests.

A baby rabbit, not knowing, was swiped by her clawed hand,

she didn’t feel remorse at all, she believed it was her land.

The witch continues walking, through woods and over steams,

be careful to avoid her, as she has access to your dreams.


(sinister ) Ha Ha Ha Ha 😉



Giant – DP

The giant is quite beautiful,

magnificent to me,

gentle yet splendiferous,

although you cannot see.

The giant is eternal,

having travelled many years,

through challenges and twists,

some of them with tears.

The giant’s had to overcome,

things that held it down,

fear of failure was impossible,

until bravery was found.

The giant got so big through love,

expanding from the heart,

the giant wasn’t always big,

so very tiny at the start.

The giant’s is so very old,

wise and always right,

watch the giant and listen,

don’t put it out of sight.

The giant is invisible,

yet that giant’s so very true,

the giant is your spirit you see,

it rides along with you.

New Blog

Hi my lovely blogging community.

I have started a new blog and wonder if you would mind taking a look if you have the time and give me some feedback.  My reason for starting this is I wanted a separate space to think about subjects close to my heart, see if I can be of any help to others.  It is still very much in it’s infancy, I have more to do but thought this might be the best time to get your feedback.  I’m not sure if it will be of any use but I’m hopeful.


I intend to continue with this blog, I just wanted to see if I could create something else.

I would welcome your comments, the nicer the better 🙂

Nature Lessons 65

At times along the way we need to stop and take care of ourselves, find a place to rest and shelter from the storm.  Not every event in life demands a battle, it’s okay to take time out for ourselves along the way, because when we care for ourselves we are preparing for tomorrows sunshine.

~ Liza