Farewell to Autumn

Yesterday I took a walk locally to try and catch what I could of the remaining flowers in my local park.  I don’t have a garden, although I do have two window boxes and pots on the front steps.  The window boxes I plant twice a year, summer flowers for my mum and a winter selection for my step father, he was Scottish so there has to be heather.  Both of them loved their flowers, nature and wildlife so it’s fitting I plant for them. I’m on the first floor so I’m hopeful the frost won’t hit too early.

I love nature, you might have got an inkling of this from my blog, but this is new for me, well newish anyway.  There was a time I hated looking at photos without someone in them, I couldn’t see the point, now I’m totally different, I try to reduce the traffic and that includes people.  I thought I would share some of the photos I have taken lately on my phone as a tribute to Autumn.  I’m going to have to hold some back of course for my daily posts 😉







Our Tree

This tree is beautiful, it might be my favourite tree in the world because it brings back so many memories.  The photos not great, taken through a steamy window on a dull day, so it does not show its true beauty.

This photo was taken from my mums kitchen window in Autumn. At the time Mum was staying with sisters who was caring for her, I wanted her to see how lovely the tree was.  The colours are amazing, we all adored this tree, it grew up with us. These deep russets and reds colours only lasted a few weeks and then the leaves would fall off for winter.  Spring would bring the most beautiful blossom and summer full beauty.  Whatever time of year this tree gave us it’s all.

A while after mums death I drove around the estate and stood under this tree looking up at my childhood home.  Another family were moving about in the flat, another family had our tree.

The tree was planted when I was a child and brings back lots of memories. Sweaters thrown under it while the kids on the estate played British Bulldog, my mum leaving bread and cheese for the birds and foxes under it, and the welcome shade it gave us in the summer.

I know when it comes to trees this one won’t win any awards but it is special to me.  I think I might need to drive up and visit this tree soon. Place my hand on its trunk and thank it for the memories ❤️

Another September



September comes around to fast, it’s back before you know.

When will summer ever last, why does it have to go.

As a child when I was small, years stretched out so long.

I worry now, I take a nap, the summer might be gone.

And so the nights are drawing in, a real nip in the air.

Again you’ll find me by the fire, huddled in my chair.

Winter goes on, oh so slow, for days we’re trapped inside.

Why does the sun and sky so blue, always have to hide.

I think that I’m am very SAD, as I want the sun to stay.

Surely it’s not only me, who mourns as it goes away.