The Ultimate Dance


Autumn brings with it love from the skies,

bright red leaves and fond goodbyes.

With deepness of colour, dark reds and rusts,

to linger and watch is a definite must.

Later they’ll dry up, go crisp underfoot,

coal in the fire, hands covered in soot.

But while they are doing their ultimate dance,

rejoice in the colour and give love a chance.

Each leaf is a symbol of life going on,

changing of hues, meeker to strong.

Then they’ll be swept, or melt into the ground,

some in the fire, if crunchy and brown.

In spring they will come back, starting as buds,

first comes the foliage then comes the bugs.

This is the cycle of nature you know,

everything comes back, just moves with loves flow.




Morning View

Blue is the sky from my window today

Birds high in the sky, maybe flying away

A fluffy white cloud, a slither of white

I’ve a feeling today might just be alright 

This time of year you just never can tell

Last days of sunshine, a gift from a spell

Squirrels jumping, on leaves on the floor

Today is for playing, there’s not many more

Another September



September comes around to fast, it’s back before you know.

When will summer ever last, why does it have to go.

As a child when I was small, years stretched out so long.

I worry now, I take a nap, the summer might be gone.

And so the nights are drawing in, a real nip in the air.

Again you’ll find me by the fire, huddled in my chair.

Winter goes on, oh so slow, for days we’re trapped inside.

Why does the sun and sky so blue, always have to hide.

I think that I’m am very SAD, as I want the sun to stay.

Surely it’s not only me, who mourns as it goes away.