I’m certainly inefficient today,

ineffective and quite sad.

I rose from my bed feeling poorly,

it’s left me feeling mad.

I’d so much planned for today,

things I put on the shelf.

Saving them up as I often do,

for a time I’m all by myself.

I’m certainly inefficient today,

it’s a day that’s lost in time.

A waste of the daylight hours,

my god just look at the time.

I’ll write a list for tomorrow,

all that I need to get done.

As until I conquer my inefficiency,

I won’t have time to have fun!!




I hate to be a passenger,

to me it is so very wrong.

It’s so absolutely boring,

the road goes on and on.

I’d prefer to be the driver,

I have something to do.

Unless I want a drink or two,

I’ll give the keys to you.


I’m okay on an airplane,

I don’t have a pilots skills.

I wouldn’t want to fly,

I don’t have wings and bill.

I like to see a road sign,

I can’t see them up in the sky.

So much traffic up there,

you have to ask yourself why.


I’m okay being carried,

when I’m tired and worn out.

Lift me up into your arms,

I’ll come don’t ever doubt.

I’ll close my eyes and hold on,

I’ll whisper in your ear.

I’d always be your passenger,

don’t drop me, is that clear.





I polish taps and sinks, I don’t like water marks and I’ve been known to follow people into the bathroom to dry the taps after them. It’s crazy isn’t it, I mean aren’t taps supposed to get wet. I hate this about myself, hate the fact that I’m so small minded and that I worry about if taps are shining or not.

I’ve got other OCD tendencies, I don’t like sitting on the sofa, well I didn’t until I sold it anyway. It was a beautiful sofa, big feather cushions, that squashed immediately if anyone sat down. What looked majestic, strong and beautiful, looked like a piece of trash if it was sat on. I sold it because I was downsizing, not because of the feather cushions, I got used to it being squashed. My friends sat on it all the time, to spite me or teach me a lesson, it did I relaxed a little but until the day it went I could never leave the house or go to bed without puffing the cushions.

I take after my dad with these crazy habits, I’m not quite as bad but I’m not good. I like things spick and span, on the surface that is because behind closed doors it’s a completely different story.

For me when everything is shiny and in place, I’m more in place, I function better. So polishing my taps is a treatment of sorts, it clears my mind. I cope so much better in a clean and tidy environment, I can think. Saying that I’ve spent years working in situations of crisis, yet this has never bothered me. I’ve worked with people who have experienced traumatic situations and therefore the environment has often been a reflection of their inner turmoil. That’s probably why I like to tidy my own space as I’m tidying myself up on the inside as I do it.

I’m a bit of a collector, I like nice things around me so being tidy takes time. I like books on art and philosophy, spiritual practices and poetry, I like pictures, mainly of women but nature too. I like to cook and my store cupboards are brimming with ingredients, I like lots of things.

I wish I wasn’t so peculiar, I practice spirituality but part of me is obsessed with the human side of me, the collector, the organiser, the nutter!

I don’t mind a messy garden, I like the fact that all flowers are different, that there is variation in nature. I love to be by the water, I don’t mind that the shore is still wet when the tide goes out. I suppose I’m still a piece of work in progress and the bottom line is I just polish taps!



He told me I was a ‘natty‘ dresser,

I had not a clue what he meant.

I hoped that it was something good,

as a man he was so heaven sent.

I considered if it meant crazy,

was he taking the ‘mick’ out of me.

Maybe when I looked in the mirror,

I didn’t see what he could see.

But I graciously said thank you,

with my fingerless crossed so tight.

I hoped that he might ask me out,

that he really felt I was alright.





I’ve never really worn a uniform,

at least not the way I should.

I always made it different,

but not like a good girl should.

You see uniforms are not for me,

I don’t want to be like the rest.

I won’t be put up for inspection

and I’d never pass the test.

Don’t include me in the masses.

as I like to be one of a kind.

I won’t conform if I don’t agree,

this can happen at any time.

It’s not that I’m fighting order,

as I understand why it’s there.

It’s not that I’m obstructive

and it isn’t that I just don’t care.

It’s just I’m a little different you see,

I don’t want to be like you.

If my daily outfit speaks out for me,

it’s something I should choose.

I won’t go out with a uniform on,

as that would never suit me.

I’ll make my own statement for now

and be who I want to be.







Comfortable in my Skin

I haven’t any qualms right now,

I’m truly showing myself.

I’m comfortable with who I am,

that’s not like anyone else.

I belive in authenticity,

and I’m comfortable in my skin.

I haven’t always been like this,

I was always just like my kin.


It takes a while to find yourself,

longer still to let it show.

That small child has vanished now,

she’s from so long ago.

I thrive today on my uniqueness,

I’m really liking who I am.

You see, if I can come to terms with me,

then anybody can.


If I’ve a qualm about anything,

it’s why I waited so long.

We come to find ourselves here,

before our lives are gone.

Let us not focus so much on the past,

it’s me who stands here today.

And anyone who isn’t too sure,

has every right to walk away.


Daily Prompt Word ~ Qualm


Symptoms of Life ;-)

A symptom of a bee sting

is your left with quite a welt,

a symptom of a broken zip

is you have to wear a belt.

A symptom of a broken heart

is to use a handkerchief,

a symptom of a robbery

is the mess left by the thief.

The symptom of a recipe

is you have to eat the cake,

a symptom of just doing that

is feeling the mistake.

A symptom of a holiday

is the tan and feeling rested,

another symptom to add to this

is finances are tested.

All of these are symptoms

in what simply is just life,

some cause a little upset

and some just add some spice.



I’m on the ball with my instinct,

I rarely get it wrong.

I’ll spot that lie a mile away,

it doesn’t take me long.

Compliments won’t sooth me,

if they’re not for real.

Don’t ask me how I know this,

it’s something that I feel.

Instinct is ingrained you see,

like I’m a little wild.

An intuitiveness about me,

back since a tiny child.

I’ll know if you really love me,

I get it through the air.

Doesn’t matter what you say,

I know if you really care. 


Daily Prompt – Instinct


I beg your pardon, I did not slur,

you’re mistaken it did not occur.

I’m okay, in fact I’m totally fine, 

I assure you I can hold my wine.

It must be your ears, full of wax, 

before you accuse, get your facts.

I am not drunk and I did not slur, 

but now your face is just all a blur.


Fun response to the Daily Prompt word – Slur