Comfortable in my Skin

I haven’t any qualms right now,

I’m truly showing myself.

I’m comfortable with who I am,

that’s not like anyone else.

I belive in authenticity,

and I’m comfortable in my skin.

I haven’t always been like this,

I was always just like my kin.


It takes a while to find yourself,

longer still to let it show.

That small child has vanished now,

she’s from so long ago.

I thrive today on my uniqueness,

I’m really liking who I am.

You see, if I can come to terms with me,

then anybody can.


If I’ve a qualm about anything,

it’s why I waited so long.

We come to find ourselves here,

before our lives are gone.

Let us not focus so much on the past,

it’s me who stands here today.

And anyone who isn’t too sure,

has every right to walk away.


Daily Prompt Word ~ Qualm


Symptoms of Life ;-)

A symptom of a bee sting

is your left with quite a welt,

a symptom of a broken zip

is you have to wear a belt.

A symptom of a broken heart

is to use a handkerchief,

a symptom of a robbery

is the mess left by the thief.

The symptom of a recipe

is you have to eat the cake,

a symptom of just doing that

is feeling the mistake.

A symptom of a holiday

is the tan and feeling rested,

another symptom to add to this

is finances are tested.

All of these are symptoms

in what simply is just life,

some cause a little upset

and some just add some spice.



I’m on the ball with my instinct,

I rarely get it wrong.

I’ll spot that lie a mile away,

it doesn’t take me long.

Compliments won’t sooth me,

if they’re not for real.

Don’t ask me how I know this,

it’s something that I feel.

Instinct is ingrained you see,

like I’m a little wild.

An intuitiveness about me,

back since a tiny child.

I’ll know if you really love me,

I get it through the air.

Doesn’t matter what you say,

I know if you really care. 


Daily Prompt – Instinct


I beg your pardon, I did not slur,

you’re mistaken it did not occur.

I’m okay, in fact I’m totally fine, 

I assure you I can hold my wine.

It must be your ears, full of wax, 

before you accuse, get your facts.

I am not drunk and I did not slur, 

but now your face is just all a blur.


Fun response to the Daily Prompt word – Slur

Sated- DP

No my dear, that’s quite enough,

I’m fully satisfied.

Yes I did have  second helpings,

I gave it another try.

I couldn’t get another thing down,

yes, that was plenty.

No, I can assure you dear,

my stomach is far from empty.

I am well and truly sated,

I couldn’t face anything else.

Please don’t feed me any more,

that was just fine by itself.

No, I couldn’t possibly face,

any more cheese and crackers.

I don’t think I’ll eat for a week,

I’m definitely  not a slacker.

I’m starting to get a little concerned,

I’ve eaten too much of this stuff.

I can honestly assure you dear,

I really have had enough.

Is there another motive here,

like something in the food.

No I’m really not joking,

nor would I want to be rude

I think your trying to choke me,

please pass me the red wine.

I just need to rinse my mouth out,

it surely must be home time.


Response to The Daily Prompt – Sated

Happy Thanks Giving Holiday to my American Followers.  Hope you’ve had your fill 😉