I’m certainly inefficient today,

ineffective and quite sad.

I rose from my bed feeling poorly,

it’s left me feeling mad.

I’d so much planned for today,

things I put on the shelf.

Saving them up as I often do,

for a time I’m all by myself.

I’m certainly inefficient today,

it’s a day that’s lost in time.

A waste of the daylight hours,

my god just look at the time.

I’ll write a list for tomorrow,

all that I need to get done.

As until I conquer my inefficiency,

I won’t have time to have fun!!



2 thoughts on “Inefficient…”

    1. Lol Diana, I salute you right back. Funny I saw this comment after writing my poem on procrastination today, spooked me, but then realised I must have looked at my phone in the night and not remembered!! Anyway my dear, you seem to have inspired me. Hope all good with you and hope to catch up with your blog very soon x


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