Es Vedra

I was drawn to Es Vedra like a magnet 


Es Vedra is a rock off of the coast of Ibiza, it’s uninhabited apart from birds and wild lizards and is said to be the third most magnetic place on the planet.  Although not everybody agrees with this, compass readings go crazy and homing pigeons get lost flying over the island.

Es Vedra has a number of myths surrounding it, it is said to be the home of the sirens and sea-nymphs who tried to lure Ulysses and also the birth place of the Phoenician goddess, Tanit.  A number of UFO’s have been sighted in the area and legend has it that the rock is the tip of the sunken City of Atlantis.

Ibiza has a reputation as a party place, full of clubs, a place for the young. Ibiza is also famous for hippies with it’s chilled atmosphere and spiritual vibe. Es Vedra is a must for those spiritually inclined, it is a place of meditation, awakening and holds a magnetic energy. The rock is supposed to hold a high level of energy, similar to that of Stonehenge and the great pyramids.

Being in Ibiza I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit this place and set off on a bus to find it. It was what would have been my mother’s birthday and I thought it fitting to visit a spiritual place and take a long walk on my own. The bus stopped a few miles away the day I chose to go but I thought the walk would do me good, mum loved a walk.

I got closer although the walk took much longer than I had anticipated, about five miles I think and in 30 degrees. I reached a small cove near to the place but was unable to see the rock because of the cliffs surrounding the cove. I asked the bar manager if he would mind calling me a taxi for the final part of the journey. He said it was pointless, the taxi would take too long to get there and it was only about fifteen minutes over the mountain and the trail would be easy to find. It was about 12.30pm by then so I stopped and had a glass of wine to drink a toast to my mums birthday before setting off across the mountain.


I was getting closer to the rock and it certainly looked magnificent, I wanted to get right down onto the beach to see it.

I’m not sure where I went wrong but I must have taken a wrong turn and five hours later I was still walking around lost. I kept taking another trail that would take me around in circles, the terrain was rough and I was wearing flip flops of all things. I started to get very dizzy, I was dehydrated and the wine probably hadn’t helped. I became a little scared, on my own in the heat and wondering if I would ever find my way out. I had no option to call the emergency services, that’s when I could get a signal that was. I felt very stupid telling them I was walking on my own in flip flops, without water or food in that heat. They wanted my coordinates, you guessed it my phone compass had trouble finding me, as did google maps!





I was found eventually and taken in the back of a police car to the nearest town with a taxi out of there. I couldn’t stop apologising in my limited Spanish for my stupidity.  Red faced from the sun, dirty from my numerous falls they dropped me off in St Joseph where I picked up the bus back to my friends apartment.

I never did get to see Es Vedra properly but I will return, next time with a companion, proper walking shoes, a hire car and plenty of water. I laugh now, but I think Es Vedra taught me a lesson!


Nature Lessons 343

That a flower comes from dry cracked earth doesn’t matter, it still blooms. Where we come from shouldn’t matter, it’s where we are going that’s important. Let those cracks you grow from fill with the moisture to feed your emotions so that you might grow into the most spectacular flower.

~ Liza


The Flow



I think we are a lot like rivers, trying to find our way home, flowing and joining a much greater flow to blend and become one. Our lives are much like the river when it reaches and joins the ocean, whether we recognise it or not, we are heading towards oneness.

Most rivers run to the sea or join another river or body of water, some don’t though,  some rivers just dry up, evaporate or disappear into the ground. Like us in a way, when we loose our way or live without purpose.

I love to stand on the shore, water lapping at my feet and know that in some way I have joined something greater, to know that I am part of that flow and will eventually join something much greater than me.




Cockles and Mussels Alive Alive Oh


Carbis Bay, just near St Ives in Cornwall is a little piece of heaven. We chose the very best week to come with a heatwave across the UK. Carbis Bay Hotel and Spa is situated on the cliff face overlooking the bay. We have one of the houses owned by the hotel on the front looking out to sea, it’s just perfect!












Sharing a bit of my holiday as I’ve not been very active of late. I will catch up on reading your blogs because as much as I’m enjoying myself I’m feeling like something is missing.

Cornwall is stunning, full of greenery due to the rainfall they have most of the year, luckily for us, this week is dry. Most of the time so far spent on the beach but hopefully I’ll get some good nature shots when it cools down later in the week.



Leave Well Alone…

Don’t trouble trouble, until trouble troubles you!

I love this expression, one of my mum’s although I don’t know where she got it from. It means leave well alone, if something is going to happen, it will and no amount of worrying is going to stop it. Why worry over the inevitable and why worry if something is not going to happen. What possible good can worrying about something do, it’s a wasted emotion and does nothing more than add a few more frown lines.

Actually it can bring things to us, if like attracts like then negative thoughts might well attract negative occurrences.  What ever we put out we get back, it’s the way of the world so we have to think carefully about what it is we are putting out.

Leave negative imaginings alone, focus on the good as much as possible and don’t meddle with what you don’t want.

I’m not troubling trouble at the moment, I’m on holiday in Carbis Bay, Cornwall enjoying the most glorious week and eating far too much. Maybe if I don’t worry about the calories, they won’t come 😉