Can You?


Can you harmonise with natures song, 

do you find you are in tune.

With those colours that surround you,

are you coming into bloom.

Are you well placed in the painting,

between wonderous earth and sky. 

Do you sit beside a running brook, 

or join those birds that fly.

Are your actions matched in harmony,

with words that leave your lips.

Are you satisfied in natures arms,

without that social fix.

Can you recognise the fragrance ,

do you have a natural scent.

Do you save the picture in your mind,

after your time is spent.

Can you manage being on your own, 

can you say yes to the above.

Because if you harmonise like this, 

you harmonize with love.



Fragrance and Harmonise

Too late for yesterdays prompt, so added todays as I finished the poem 🙂


It lies dormant,

sleeping, resting, being without being.

It waits, waits until it’s called to rise,

called to make right.


It’s under the sea,

so deep our imaginations cannot take us there,

but it’s there amid the darkest depths,

the being.


And when it rises

it will not be missed,

there is not a soul who will not feel the tremor,

sense with every sense,


It that will come,

that will restore through the destruction of the false,

it that shows the infinite

and unfathomable.


Truth beyond truth,

crashing on through the established,

castles of lies, towers of deceit

mountains of material,




through breaking down of all that is false,

clarity for those that can see

and then back to the sea.



An experiment 😉




The Gate


There is a gate just up ahead,

a gate we might pass through.

A gate that leads to awakening,

understanding of what we do.

The gate is by no means simple,

it’s quite intricate in every way.

It’s not a case of just opening it,

only opening on the right day.

The day we see the golden key,

knowing how it fits in the lock.

We don’t just stumble upon a key,

but find it by taking stock. 

The gate then opens itself out wide,

but will we walk on through.

As once we make a decision to go,

we must live a life that is true.




Savouring the Moment 



Walking out to the beach I was disappointed to see the tide was in, not only was it in, it was still climbing. I knew this would be the case but came anyway, hoping the very reliable tide time tables were wrong. You see, I just love low tide, love to walk along the shore, through the sand and rock pools just being, the silence and stillness the low tide brings sooths my soul, it slows my breath and allows me to be. The vast expanse of beach provides a sense of freedom I can’t find anywhere else.

I savour each moment on the beach when the tide is out, I walk across sand that was hidden under the sea, I pad through the land of sea creatures. I am in Poseidons territory and yet he cannot claim me for his own as I walk across sand.

You get it, I was disappointed. I sat down on the pebbles and looked at the sea, waves crashing towards me. Closer and closer they came, beckoning me, teasing me. The foam of each wave, like lace, covering the shingle, pebbles sparkling like jewels as it once again subsided. The sea, I felt was dressing the land for the occasion.

I sat and watched, immersed myself in the event and thought about integration, pondered on the blending of opposites. Nature teaches us so much, everything we look to in nature has a different message.

If we spend our lives doing the same thing again and again, we miss out on expanding our minds, we miss moments that are extraordinary. Sometimes it’s right to look at things a different way, shift our perspective a little.

As the sea came closer and closer, I watched the pebbles, once dried from the sun disappear into the sea, only to remain as a memory. A piece of seaweed rolled on the tide to land by my feet, a final bow on the costume.

No longer disappointed I left for home, realising as I did, that each moment teaches us something new, to savour each and every one of them.

Life happens when we are waiting for something else, if we don’t experience each moment, we might miss out. We might be so preoccupied with one thing that we miss everything else.


Isn’t nature a wonderful teacher 😊



How I Savour You


A smell that once adorned you,

sweetness to your skin,

I dream and see your silhouette,

a tapered waist so thin.

The sparkles in your eyes,

in pools of the deepest blue.

These memories I keep nearby,

it is how I savour you.

The moments we had together,

the laughter and the pain.

I keep them with my treasures,

as they won’t come again.

With all my senses I remember,

in my dreams you visit too.

Flashes of you so close to me,

it is how I savour you.


Savor / Savour


Beautiful Stuff

I look over at the oriental lilies, they’ve not opened yet, but I know when they do they will be beautiful. The aroma will flow through my home and they will look glorious in the tall glass vase in which they stand. I look around my home and see all the beautiful things around me, I love beauty, it doesn’t have to be anything of value, it just has to speak to me. My mum used to say, and I think someone said it before her, ‘only keep the things around you that are beautiful’, I agree, I can let anything else go.

My idea of beauty will probably be totally different to anyone elses. I love rich colour, I have an old oriental rug across the middle of the room in deepest reds, tapestry cushions, wood, photos of beautiful people I love and paintings that speak to me. I like paintings, or prints as most of them are of dancers and women. I like reminders of places that are special, like the prints I have of Brighton, Richmond and Montmartre.

I collect memories, silly things like pebbles from beaches, notes from friends and family heirlooms and mirrors, I love mirrors and crystals too. I have plenty of candles, I never have a main light on and I just love my kitchen, implements and an array of ingredients. I like good linens and crisp white towels. I believe I make a nice home, I’m happy in my home, it describes me well.

But it’s stuff isn’t it, just stuff. I might find it beautiful, others might, but one day I’ll get up and leave it all behind. One day I’ll walk out of here and leave my body behind me too.

I intend to get over my attachment to things one day, one day I’ll have no choice. In the mean time, which I hope will go on for quite a while, I’m letting things go. I live much more minimally than I did, I want to get better. Because you see, one day after I’ve gone. Maybe after they bury or cremate me, I don’t want anyone else to have to worry about my beautiful things and what to do with them.



A Caper

What a delightful caper it was, 

being back together again.

A weekend that was so magical, 

though they had forecast rain.

To celebrate your birthday too, 

the three of us what a laugh.

A caper when we ordered Pimms, 

frozen fruit would never pass.

Moan as we did and talk of reviews, 

trip advisor was our threat.

Three cocktails on the house at once, 

with giggles they were met.

What a delightful caper it was, 

being three young girls again.

Although we’re all over fifty now, 

some youthfulness we did regain.

A very funny weekend with my sister and oldest friend visiting to celebrate my friends birthday. We’ve all been friends for so many years that we just fall back into it every time we meet, with this time no exception. We had the kids with us, but to passing strangers it must of been hard to spot the adult, oh how we giggled.

The Pimms episode really was very funny, a real caper!