A Rainbows End

I hope you found your rainbows end,

that it was really just how you thought,

with butterflies and beautiful scenes

and a tranquil place for you to walk.

I hope you liked all the colours there,

they’re brighter now you’ve arrived,

I’d love to see those colours with you,

although to see them you had to die.

I hope you found your rainbows end,

that there is music played as well,

I hear it when I think of you now,

is it my imagination, I never can tell.

I hope that you are dancing around,

as a bright fire fly does in the night.

I imagine you with every rainbow I see,

on enquiring I know I’m right.

I hope you found your rainbows end,

that you think of me sometimes,

I know it’s nigh on impossible,

but do you think you could drop me a line.

Send it on a butterfly or a tiny little bird,

send it any way you like.

Send when I’m dreaming in bed,

I’ll listen for your message tonight

I hope you found your rainbows end,

when I see them I know you survive,

Over the Rainbow was a favourite song,

as we sang it when you were alive.

I know that you are close to me now,

I know that you never went away.

I’ll meet you on the other side,

we’ll be way over that rainbow someday.




Our Survival

Those things we fear, those awful things,

the ones that knock us down,

They are hard to bare and very unclear,

but usually how we are found.

I’m talking of the lightning struck tower,

that knocks us right off our feet,

With those fitful nights and awful dreams,

it’s so hard to go off to sleep.

Then after we usually find we survive,

it’s never as bad as it seams.

The nightmare of my impending doom,

is only played out in my dreams.

You see we’re trained to be fearful,

to always expect the worst ending,

Never account for survival it seams,

unless it’s on life we’re depending.



Impression of a Flower



The flower whispered in my ear,

it was so close to me.

Heard it speak inside my head,

it wished to help me see.

For flowers grow as they do,

flowers come from love.

The flower told me gently,

it came down from above.

To work with mother nature,

to show us how to live.

To remind us of our promise,

in life we have to give.

Relying on the rains that fall,

the sunshine in the sky.

The flower is our teacher here,

the flower doesn’t lie.

It shows us how to open up,

to let things fall away.

To bow our heads at nightfall,

to wait another day.

Flowers feed all sorts of bees,

teach us how to share.

Doesn’t hold onto its pollen,

to give yourself is to care.

The flowers isn’t afraid of death,

knows it will return.

Always being springs to see,

lots more here to learn.

The flowers think we’re stupid,

in a sort of kindly way.

Not knowing we’re connected,

really don’t have a say.

We keep returning to the earth,

we get it wrong again.

Don’t understand our lessons,

judge them just as pain.

We remember more as babies,

but forget so very soon.

Unlike the gentle flowers,

we loose it when we bloom. 

It gave me a strong impression,

that it wanted to help me see.

So I would write a poem right here,

on how flowers want us to be.





Catapult to the Future

I was catapulted from a cannon,

I’m heading into space,

the catapult was so right for me,

I leave without a trace.

I had walked along a tightrope,

threw skittles in the air,

balanced a ball upon my nose,

while standing on a chair.

The catapult is quick you see,

just sends me right away,

goodbyes are not necessary,

won’t go back another day.

I left the circus in the past,

didn’t much care for the place,

I’ll embrace the world from now,

without a painted face.





Is it to be adrift without purpose,
or is it a soul that’s set free.

Fewer possessions to hold me down,
occasionally I wish it was me.

Fly through life just riding the wind,
to settle for moments in time.

Unattached to any emotions here,
I’m believing it might be fine.

To ride the current, the swell of the tides,
to follow the path of the moon.

Without restrictions connected to me,
that’s how I think I would bloom.



To be Free


I’m drifting now,

I’ve been released

and I’m free to find my way.

I’m now unmorred,

the ties are cut,

each days a brand new day.

I’m travelling along new pathways,

I’m cutting through any mess.

The universe set me along a new path,

that’s after I passed it’s tests.

I’ve found freedom,

I’ve been set free,

those tides finally turned.

I’ve paid all my debts and I’m feeling good,

I haven’t time to burn.

The direction I travels unchartered,

yet the vessel I’m in is strong.

I’ll make the best of what I’ve got,

I’ll find the right place to belong.



Precipice of Tomorrow

I’m on the precipice of tomorrow,

but I’m no longer looking down.

I’m looking out into the distance,

to way out there and all around.

I know that I’ve climbed up high

it’s still much higher up ahead.

On the precipice of experience,

with my wings about to spread.


As I climb the final steps,

I know I’m on the right path.

Knowing that I have this right,

this time it’s going to last.

I don’t need to look behind me,

I know just what I left.

Served a purpose for a while,

but didn’t stand the test.


I’m on the precipice of life,

I’m nearing all my dreams.

I just found the biggest secret,

life isn’t what it seams.

Life is what you make off it,

the chances that you take.

Life is good and bad you see,

full too with mistakes.