The rain is playing an awful dirge,

it’s as if it senses my mood.

I’ve told it enough to sling it’s hook,

not caring if I sound rude.

The winters gone on far too long,

grey skies and pouring rain.

It needs it’s marching orders now,

as it’s really become a pain.

So who I pray is friends with the sun,

can you call a favour or two.

Do tell her that she’s welcome to stay,

if she really does listen to you.

Tell her that we find her so radiant,

that’s truly said from the heart.

And ask her to bring blue skies along,

tomorrow would be a good start.







It could have been a glorious day, 

the weather man said it could be.

A mild and sunny September day, 

was so what I hoped I would see.

It could have been an Indian summer, 

it’s what the papers bragged about.

But I’m picking up my big umbrella, 

when I ever need to venture out.

It could have rained this morning, 

but it waited until I opened the door.

It should have been a glorious day, 

I can’t take this rain anymore.

But come later in the evening, 

the sun popped his head from the sky.

It brought me a little light relief, 

with a glorious and gentle goodbye.

The swans swam out to bask in it, 

leaving the family on the bank.

I suppose for that special moment, 

it’s the universe I’m needing to thank.



Daily Prompt – glorious 

After the Storm

After the rain had fallen it’s last,

the clouds now empty will stray.

Like challenges that come and pass,

we too can now start a new day.

As the sun shows it’s warmest face,

lighting up what was once dark.

As brightness after challenges will,

though it might leave it’s mark.

As flowers often still hang their heads,

as wet from the gales of the night.

It might take us a while to get up again,

to fully get over each plight.

Then like a bee we bravely emerge,

trusting that things might be calm.

Looking back at the past as it fades,

so thankful we came to no harm.

After our storm has done it’s worst,

warmth will enter our lives again.

It’s the same with a rainy season,

the sun will come out after rain.

The rawness of each emotion we feel,

soothed as the storm passes on.

Standing up tall despite the past,

for our lives will still move along.

We retrieve the hopefulness we lost,

and we start to pick up our pace.

Oh the storms will come and go in life,

it’s a fact that we all have to face.





Looking out my window, it is so clear that you are there,

whipping the trees like custard, a tile flying in the air.

birds have flown to outwit you, or hiding in the trees,

hard rain washing windows, though it’s difficult to see.

Who knew a storm was coming, did the weatherman lie,

did you sneak up from nowhere, to take us by surprise.

Bang, and the bin fell over, the garbage is doing a dance

will you be gone by lunchtime, is there the slightest chance?



Craving Sun



I’m craving some more sunshine and I want it to last all day

Certainly at least week or more, before it goes and hides away

I’m sick of British summers, soaked again and again by rain

I want to dine al fresco daily, that I can’t is a blooming pain

What’s the point in England’s beauty, I really cannot see

Flowing fields with flowers, seen sheltering under a tree

If I can’t go out and see it, experience and catch some sun

I’d rather move to somewhere else, without my wellies on

England bloody England, what’d you do with flaming June

Picnics, fairgrounds, lovers smelling flowers in full bloom


Counting Days

It rains for countless days, 

the clouds are thick and dark.

Summer seems an age away,

No walks around the park.

The weathers always rotten,

the washing never dries.

Until I go to work again

and the sun is in the sky!

Countless times I swap my day

planning well ahead.

I closely watch the weather,

in constant fear and dread.

But I always choose the wrong day

how ever hard I plan.

Then you’ll find me in the office,

sweating by the fan!