After the Storm

After the rain had fallen it’s last,

the clouds now empty will stray.

Like challenges that come and pass,

we too can now start a new day.

As the sun shows it’s warmest face,

lighting up what was once dark.

As brightness after challenges will,

though it might leave it’s mark.

As flowers often still hang their heads,

as wet from the gales of the night.

It might take us a while to get up again,

to fully get over each plight.

Then like a bee we bravely emerge,

trusting that things might be calm.

Looking back at the past as it fades,

so thankful we came to no harm.

After our storm has done it’s worst,

warmth will enter our lives again.

It’s the same with a rainy season,

the sun will come out after rain.

The rawness of each emotion we feel,

soothed as the storm passes on.

Standing up tall despite the past,

for our lives will still move along.

We retrieve the hopefulness we lost,

and we start to pick up our pace.

Oh the storms will come and go in life,

it’s a fact that we all have to face.



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