I’ve never really worn a uniform,

at least not the way I should.

I always made it different,

but not like a good girl should.

You see uniforms are not for me,

I don’t want to be like the rest.

I won’t be put up for inspection

and I’d never pass the test.

Don’t include me in the masses.

as I like to be one of a kind.

I won’t conform if I don’t agree,

this can happen at any time.

It’s not that I’m fighting order,

as I understand why it’s there.

It’s not that I’m obstructive

and it isn’t that I just don’t care.

It’s just I’m a little different you see,

I don’t want to be like you.

If my daily outfit speaks out for me,

it’s something I should choose.

I won’t go out with a uniform on,

as that would never suit me.

I’ll make my own statement for now

and be who I want to be.







17 thoughts on “Uniform”

      1. I’ll never forget, I was 33 when someone called me a rebel. I laughed delightedly cause I’d never thought of myself as a rebel, but I guess I was. Not in for face, but I wouldn’t conform either. I’ve always done what I had to do, my way, on my terms. lol I guess I am a bit of a rebel after all! snicker snicker

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  1. You don’t seem like a uniform kind of person, Lisa.
    There are so many uniforms… when I was in my teens I wore the hippy uniform, but I didn’t conform to their dope-smoking, acid-dropping rules. If you wear a uniform, you’re supposed to follow the rules, rather than choosing your own.
    … Anyhoo… this is a great post.

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