Shallow Water 

I always stay in shallow water, I don’t like sharks and jellyfish. I know they don’t like the waters around the UK generally, but you never can be too careful can you.

Fear keeps me out of deep waters, fear of what I can’t see, or don’t know about. Fear holds me back from swimming because I’m afraid of the depths.

It’s very unlikely that I’d be eaten by a shark, a little more possible I’d be stung, but then again the odds aren’t high, hey I’m a coward.

I talk a lot about going beyond myself, exploring the unknown but I can’t get up to six foot in water that I can’t see through!

Maybe in order to find myself, go beyond what I know I need to practice this in the physical, do things that scare me, take a deep breath and dive in.

What do you think?




Shallow Me




Sometimes I think I am far too shallow to really get a grasp of anything beyond myself, at others I feel I’m nearing a clearing in my mind and remembering something I always knew.

I hang onto it for moments, maybe longer but then my chattering mind pops back sending me along another thought pattern. We are in a constant fight with ego, ego that’s helpful and ego that’s destructive to our growth. Ego doesn’t really want us to recognise that it’s not the be all and end all.

That’s why it’s difficult to get out of the woods sometimes, stand at the side of the forest and see things from another perspective. I remember when I was lost on that mountain in Ibiza, there were so many different trails, so many potential ways out, so many dead ends. A bit like making sense of life I thought, even in my delirious and dehydrated state!

Anyway my attempt at a shallow poem…


In the shallowness of being,

I wonder through the woods.

Not noticing the pointers,

a winding path of falsehood.

The way ahead is so tangled,

much too thick to see my way.

Determined for a moment,

but these convictions sway.

Then treading shallow water,

though the bottom can’t be seen.

I see a clearing in the trees,

don’t let this be a dream.




I Wait…

I wait,

for something beyond my grasp,

my vision and thinking mind.

I wait,

for something beyond the self,

wait and hope to find.


I feel,

there’s something beyond me,

I knew it from the start,

I feel,

within rhythms of being,

pounding in my heart.


I see,

far beyond the horizon,

light that shines out so bright,

I see,

with utmost clarity,

a land that’s still out of sight.


I know,

way beyond what they tell me,

that this is a fraction of being,

I know,

with all of my senses here,

of visions I’m not yet seeing. 





It’s hidden from the thinking mind,

in a place that’s so far out of reach.

Hidden away beyond all chatter,

in silence behind mundane speech.

It’s not hidden from a true seeker,

though never reached with words.

In realms of clarity and vision,

in vastness of being we’re heard.

In discovering authenticity,

not in temples built by our minds.

We climb up the steps to divinity,

with falseness left far behind.




A Lie

It’s the subtle fragrance of a lie, 

that permeates the room.

It’s something you’re not saying, 

I think you stopped to soon.

 So I ask you clearly is that it,

you’re nodding like a dog.

I feel a little bit uncomfortable, 

that you had to swear to god.

The subtle fragrance of the lie, 

now lingers here between us.

I have to take you at your word, 

as I don’t like to make a fuss.

But there’s something in the air, 

and I just have to work it out.

As what stands between us now, 

is a fog that’s thick with doubt.



Can You?


Can you harmonise with natures song, 

do you find you are in tune.

With those colours that surround you,

are you coming into bloom.

Are you well placed in the painting,

between wonderous earth and sky. 

Do you sit beside a running brook, 

or join those birds that fly.

Are your actions matched in harmony,

with words that leave your lips.

Are you satisfied in natures arms,

without that social fix.

Can you recognise the fragrance ,

do you have a natural scent.

Do you save the picture in your mind,

after your time is spent.

Can you manage being on your own, 

can you say yes to the above.

Because if you harmonise like this, 

you harmonize with love.



Fragrance and Harmonise

Too late for yesterdays prompt, so added todays as I finished the poem 🙂

Life After Death – A Poem

There is no life after death

if the idea of life is to live.

Yes, we exist in another space

but a kiss we cannot give.

Without a form of any sort,

we will float like a new idea.

Contemplating past mistakes,

of all those wasted years.

The body burnt or buried deep,

and no longer necessary.

We’ll go back to original source,

to go right back to many.

Separation far behind us,

realising we are all one.

We’ll exist in everything,

within the brightest of suns.

With the ego now far behind,

as it won yet another day.

Led us down the falsest path,

we followed what it had to say.

So there is no life as we know it,

all emotions will cease to exist.

So make the most of those senses,

in living a life full of true bliss.