Shallow Water 

I always stay in shallow water, I don’t like sharks and jellyfish. I know they don’t like the waters around the UK generally, but you never can be too careful can you.

Fear keeps me out of deep waters, fear of what I can’t see, or don’t know about. Fear holds me back from swimming because I’m afraid of the depths.

It’s very unlikely that I’d be eaten by a shark, a little more possible I’d be stung, but then again the odds aren’t high, hey I’m a coward.

I talk a lot about going beyond myself, exploring the unknown but I can’t get up to six foot in water that I can’t see through!

Maybe in order to find myself, go beyond what I know I need to practice this in the physical, do things that scare me, take a deep breath and dive in.

What do you think?




3 thoughts on “Shallow Water ”

  1. Agreed! Diving in is totally the right thing to do however like you it’s that pesky thing called fear that prevents anyone including myself from diving in. However, if you’re in I’ll do it too!!! Great post!!!


  2. It sounds like you are already there! You’ve taken the hardest step and conquered it – understanding your fear. Far from cowardice, I’d say. More like a courageous confrontation in the mirror. Thanks for sharing and giving inspiration to others.

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