Shallow Me




Sometimes I think I am far too shallow to really get a grasp of anything beyond myself, at others I feel I’m nearing a clearing in my mind and remembering something I always knew.

I hang onto it for moments, maybe longer but then my chattering mind pops back sending me along another thought pattern. We are in a constant fight with ego, ego that’s helpful and ego that’s destructive to our growth. Ego doesn’t really want us to recognise that it’s not the be all and end all.

That’s why it’s difficult to get out of the woods sometimes, stand at the side of the forest and see things from another perspective. I remember when I was lost on that mountain in Ibiza, there were so many different trails, so many potential ways out, so many dead ends. A bit like making sense of life I thought, even in my delirious and dehydrated state!

Anyway my attempt at a shallow poem…


In the shallowness of being,

I wonder through the woods.

Not noticing the pointers,

a winding path of falsehood.

The way ahead is so tangled,

much too thick to see my way.

Determined for a moment,

but these convictions sway.

Then treading shallow water,

though the bottom can’t be seen.

I see a clearing in the trees,

don’t let this be a dream.




6 thoughts on “Shallow Me”

  1. I like your poem. I can relate to this post too, as one time when I was really stressed at a time of having counselling I used to think if I was shallow. Especially when explaining to someone else other than my counsellor how I was feeling.

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  2. I love the poem, I think sometimes we have so many scrambled paths within us it is difficult to make a decision and take a path. Sometimes we leave part of us asleep…we don’t want to go there, disturb it…the shallow or the deep x

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