A Lie

It’s the subtle fragrance of a lie, 

that permeates the room.

It’s something you’re not saying, 

I think you stopped to soon.

 So I ask you clearly is that it,

you’re nodding like a dog.

I feel a little bit uncomfortable, 

that you had to swear to god.

The subtle fragrance of the lie, 

now lingers here between us.

I have to take you at your word, 

as I don’t like to make a fuss.

But there’s something in the air, 

and I just have to work it out.

As what stands between us now, 

is a fog that’s thick with doubt.



So much understanding, so many doubts…

I’m full of understanding on occasion and then again on others, I’m full of doubt.  I spend a lot of time thinking of what it’s all about, why we are here and our true purpose, what happens afterwards and if there is in fact a life after death. These questions, for me are some of the biggest questions, because we don’t know the answers for sure and I’m guessing we won’t or are not meant to.

Religions, philosophers, spiritual leaders and many different ways of life try to point us in the right direction, but it is left for us to reach our own conclusions. I like to listen and consider these different pointers, it fascinates me and I’m constantly left in a state of wonder.

I believe in life after death, I believe that consciousness continues in another form and science is starting to agree, but I’m not sure where it lives. Maybe it’s all around, maybe in the air that we breathe in and out each day, maybe it’s here but our eyes don’t see, or maybe in another dimension altogether.  I’m confused and doubtful on occasion and on others I instinctively know I’m onto something. I have always had a firm belief in life after death but as I don’t know for sure what happens to that life, I’m also left with doubts.

I believe in the spirit, consciousness, call it what you like. I believe the spirits that have moved on can communicate through and to us if we are open and listen. Only this morning somebody told me to go put a permit on my car, I did and there was a warden standing there ready to put a ticket on it. Okay this could have also been my own sub-consciousness, but if it was, it spoke in the middle of another train of thought completely and saved me a parking ticket. Then there are those things I’m told I don’t unconsciously know, work that out, I can’t!

There are no clear answers in life and I believe it is good to be sceptical, I worry about those that instantly believe in everything they are told, I’m interested in new ideas. I mean, we once thought the world was flat, but I like to consider these ideas in my own time, think about what they say to me. If we question something it means that we give it our attention and think about it, that has to be healthy.

I doubt we will get the answers, just yet anyway, because we are not ready for them, we are still working on ourselves, some people more than others.  Some people dedicate their whole lives to spirituality, to understanding purpose and looking for enlightenment. If I was in charge I might think they needed to know, but then I think again and doubt myself, because if they were told all the answers they would feel a responsibility to share it with everyone else. You see there are no clear answers, just lots of questions and a good few doubts!

Daily Prompt – Doubt


Self Doubt


My soul’s not fat at least in pounds,

my soul is gigantic and all around.

It’s just my body that’s gone to pot,

my souls full up as she loves a lot.

Funny when you consider your size,

that fat comes up is not a surprise.

We are so focussed on what we see,

forgetting that there’s more to me.

No room for doubt that’s for sure,

there’s an all to me I must adore.

If I only focus on one of these bits,

I won’t see the picture, it’s a trick.

So when I look in a mirror next time,

I’ll like what I see and know I am fine.

I am much more than word can say,

so I’ll carry that with me every day.


A bit of a theme here for the Daily Prompt word – Doubt








On occasion I feel very small, of little consequence,

see myself as minuscule and maybe just pretence.

Now and then gigantic, my spirit soars right out,

energised with belief you see, oh how I soar about.

Sometimes I look back into my eyes, wonder who I am,

with vacant gaze and little depth, I’m probably a sham.

Occasionally my eyes look back, talk to me somehow,

I dive in deep to find myself, as at times they will allow.

I’ve really only myself to blame, wary of moving on,

of reaching a place of clarity, where I should belong.

I must choose my pathway, keep myself on track,

being in the moment, focused and not looking back.