Self Doubt


My soul’s not fat at least in pounds,

my soul is gigantic and all around.

It’s just my body that’s gone to pot,

my souls full up as she loves a lot.

Funny when you consider your size,

that fat comes upย is not a surprise.

We are so focussed on what we see,

forgetting that there’s more to me.

No room for doubt that’s for sure,

there’s an all to me I must adore.

If I only focus on one of these bits,

I won’t see the picture, it’s a trick.

So when I look in a mirror next time,

I’ll like what I see and know I am fine.

I am much more than word can say,

so I’ll carry that with me every day.


A bit of a theme here for the Daily Prompt word – Doubt






28 thoughts on “Self Doubt”

      1. Probably because you said you wanted to lose weight for the job, its been on your mind a lot lately. I sincerely don’t know from where you wish to lose any weight though. You look perfect, pencil slim. I hate how body conscience we have all become.

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