Climbing from Confusion

I’m climbing from confusion,

I’m letting go of any dread.

Life is becoming clear to me,

I’m starting to feel instead.

I crossed over the mountains,

ones I never thought I could.

I’m onto greener pastures now,

left the darkness of the woods.

I’m climbing higher every day,

though I sometimes take a rest.

Look away from doubts I had,

I suppose they were the test.

Now I climb to reach the stars,

as I know they are very near.

And when I hold one in my hand,

I will no longer need to fear.


Daily Prompt – Climbing

What is the Point?

Sometimes we ask ourselves what is the point, everything appears futile, pointless, we loose all motivation, we’re down on ourselves.  At times like these I try and remind myself, it’s okay to have these feelings as long as they don’t become a larger part of who I am.

It’s important to recognise our feelings, allow them in and sit with them if we are going to be able to understand them and move them on.  Life is full of ups and downs and we have to take the rough with the smooth.  If was life was full of joy all the time how would we know when to celebrate, how would we know what joy feels like.

We have to believe that all things will pass, look back and know that nothing ever came to us without reason.  Everything that happens is destined, it’s all part of the greater plan and sometimes that requires a bit of a shake up.  This is the point you see, the point we were questioning and the answer is we need to be exactly where we are right now, because only now leads us into tomorrow.

~ Liza


Muddled Emotions


I hate it your so angry,

well that’s what you think it is.

you’re struggling to cope right now,

and really in a tis.

As I watch you wound up like a ball,

just about to burst,

You don’t know how to manage it,

and coping with the worst.

I wish that you could understand,

what is really going on,

your thinking that it’s anger,

I’m sorry but you are wrong.

What I see in you is absolute pain,

with a sadness deep inside,

but you can’t acknowledge it,

this might be your pride.

If you could recognise the feeling,

bring it up and say hello,

it might start the healing process,

and might help the emotion go.

But while you stay in angry mode,

with walls built high around.

It’s hard for me to help you see,

it’s sadness that we’ve found.




On occasion I feel very small, of little consequence,

see myself as minuscule and maybe just pretence.

Now and then gigantic, my spirit soars right out,

energised with belief you see, oh how I soar about.

Sometimes I look back into my eyes, wonder who I am,

with vacant gaze and little depth, I’m probably a sham.

Occasionally my eyes look back, talk to me somehow,

I dive in deep to find myself, as at times they will allow.

I’ve really only myself to blame, wary of moving on,

of reaching a place of clarity, where I should belong.

I must choose my pathway, keep myself on track,

being in the moment, focused and not looking back.