Blue Moon




That was certainly ‘full on’ couple of days, that big blue moon I mean. I went from happiness to despair and back again. I can be affected by the moon, I recognise and prepare for it, but this last one hit me for six.

On Monday I woke up feeling an emotional wreck, tearful and despondent. I couldn’t see much good in life. I opened my arms and embraced hopelessness fully and without question. Life was pointless, I was pointless and anything out there in the future just wasn’t worth it.

I spent the day going from one disaster to the next. I burnt toast, opened the door and the heavens opened, got lost and ran out of fuel. I didn’t want to talk to anyone and didn’t have anyone to talk to. It rained all day, for the umpteenth day that was, and the plants drowned.

Do you recognise this day, have you visited?

Yesterday I woke up singing, nothing had happened but my world had changed overnight. The sun was shining, the plants didn’t look that bad and I had things to do, people to meet and places to go. Everything went right, starting with my hair and outfit and moving onto everything else. I laughed with the people I met, finished projects and got new leads. People warmed my heart and made me feel loved. To put it simply, life couldn’t be better.

That moon is powerful but I think there’s so more going on. I constantly see double digits, my dreams are wild and my intuition is on overdrive. I think I’m being prepared for something. I’m releasing and letting go, the tears are cleansing, cathartic and restoring. Tears are the weeping of old wounds, healing from the depths within.

Are any of you getting this, are you experiencing similar? Are you managing the changes that are happening or are you immune to it? Is it necessary for growth, is it happening to all of us. Do some people just not notice or are they being left behind?

I know it’s crazy but it’s my kind of crazy now. I’m rolling with it, I’m trusting that there’s something wonderful to come. Today’s another sunny day and any clouds are just full of hope.

I watch the moon daily, I live by the sea and often stand on the shore watching the tides, sun and moon. I’ve been sun gazing too, that’s another story. The sun feeds me and the moon washes me, they are necessary to my growth, just as they are to the plants and everything else.

It’s all just cycles, I’m in a cycle, I’m moving through and so are you. Love to hear what you think of my craziness ūüôā


Roller Coaster

Strapped in, very slowly at first,

we start to climb up high.

My stomach’s holding butterflies,

I really don’t know why.

I’m seeing the peak above me,

the rest cannot be found.

I know that when I reach there,

I will go crashing down.

That’s my life on a roller coaster,

always another drop.

I’ll reach the peaks of happiness,

somethings going to stop.

All the rides are turbulent now,

as none are on the flat.

If there’s one thing to remember,

I have to hang on to my hat.

We all take different places here,

on very similar rides.

Hitting highs and reaching lows,

there’s others here beside.

We recognise those spirals now,

after traveling for so long.

But preparation doesn’t help,

it’s more about staying strong.

We know it’s in the planning,

this crazy ride we live.

I wish they’d put the breaks on,

as something’s got to give.




Being bitter over things does us absolutely no good at all, in fact it’s harmful, it eats us up inside and can potentially make us ill. ¬†It’s proven that stress causes illness, I’ve seen this first hand and I’m sure bitterness, spite, anger and any negative emotions will do the same.

If we are what we think, then it makes sense that negative emotions will have a negative affect on our bodies. Probably more than that, how many things do we carry from life to life, pain and unresolved issues that cause difficulty in this life, block us from moving forward.

In one of my past life regressions I saw myself as a young vibrant woman, full of passion. I moved on in that life to the point of her death and saw an old bitter and twisted woman. I don’t know any more about what happened in that life, but I saw that bitterness did her no good. I had no time for the old woman, although one of my past lives, I felt detached and if I’m honest, repulsed. Maybe that’s why in this life I don’t like bitterness, maybe I learnt my lesson but maybe again I didn’t.

Recently a friend let me down, someone I thought I could rely on and although I had many more friends around me supporting me, I couldn’t help but feel a little bitter. My mind kept jumping to this person, I kept thinking about their broken promises, lies they had told, and you know it didn’t do me any good, it ate me up. Luckily I recognise this quickly and let it go, I sent out love and good wishes.

We are what we think, if bitter, then we are bitter inside and that’s not a nice thought. I’d much rather be full of love and happiness so that’s what I choose to give out. Imagine for a moment the difference between bitterness and love, can you see the difference when you visualise the two, are you with me?

We are and grow into what we think and do, it’s important to keep this in mind. Squash any negative thoughts as they surface, acknowledge and understand them but don’t hold on to them. If people do us harm send them love because it is by far the stronger emotion.

There is a time and a place for bitterness and for me the only bitterness that’s worth trying is bitter lemon in your gin or any recipe with lemon, dark chocolate or another bitter ingredient complimented by something sweet!



Holding Space

To help another we need to ensure first that we have the capacity to hold their emotions, sometimes hold them until they are able to manage themselves. Make sense of these muddled emotions, process them and give them back in a way they can be understood and worked through. To do this, we need to ensure we are well prepared and able to to act as a safe container. Because if someone puts their trust in us to help, we need to make sure our container is water tight.

~ Liza



So what does a breakdown feel like,

does it start off first with the shakes.

When you struggle trying to function,

as you don’t want to make a mistake.


Then pretending that you’re coping,

will those spiders inside go away.

When you wake tomorrow morning,

will it ever be just another day.


And what can you do to calm down,

if your nerves have a mind of their own.

If you forget the most bloody obvious,

like the telephone number of your home.


As you burst into tears on the doorstep,

that’s if you ever get near to that door.

Will it ever really come to fruition,

that you won’t get bashed anymore.


Then there’s those positive mantras,

about all being part of lives plan.

Sing them and pray to the heavens,

but it won’t really change a dam.


So what does a break down feel like,

might it be confused with a cold.

Will honey and lemon help here,

as she’s prepared to do as she’s told.



I’m just thinking about¬†different emotions today, I’m fine ūüôā


Life Lessons 8

Language does not always match how we feel, we cannot always put our feelings into words. Sometimes words just do not fit, there are not words that can justify the emotions we feel and we are left speechless. When this happens it is okay, the emotions are real. Language is a tool, a medium but not  everything. Sometimes it is only silence that can hold and make sense of the feeling.

~ Liza


Nature Lessons 89

We have many different sides to our personalities, we show these different sides of us depending on our relationship and desires.  There is the warmth and softness we show to those we love, the fruitfulness we show to attract and pull people in towards us and the more protective front we use to cover up or slip away from those we are not so comfortable with.  There are complexities to our  individual personality traits, they change with the seasons and are dependant on our needs at any one time.  A good thing to bare in mind is that whilst we are displaying one aspect of ourselves, we never know who else might be watching and absorbing what we are putting out from somewhere else in the garden.  

~ Liza



Optimistically Depressed



The super moon is on its way,

and it always brings a test.

A feeling has come over me,


The moon you see controls the tides

and I have water in me.

I feel the pull as it rolls out,

that’s when the sadness hits me.

But tides they turn, come back again,

I’m skipping up and down.

From tears to laughter in a flash,

then smiling to a frown.

I wish this week would hurry up,

I want it over soon.

For one moment I’m excited,

then I’m howling at the moon.



Muddled Emotions


I hate it your so angry,

well that’s what you think it is.

you’re struggling to cope right now,

and really in a tis.

As I watch you wound up like a ball,

just about to burst,

You don’t know how to manage it,

and coping with the worst.

I wish that you could understand,

what is really going on,

your thinking that it’s anger,

I’m sorry but you are wrong.

What I see in you is absolute pain,

with a sadness deep inside,

but you can’t acknowledge it,

this might be your pride.

If you could recognise the feeling,

bring it up and say hello,

it might start the healing process,

and might help the emotion go.

But while you stay in angry mode,

with walls built high around.

It’s hard for me to help you see,

it’s sadness that we’ve found.