Holding Space

To help another we need to ensure first that we have the capacity to hold their emotions, sometimes hold them until they are able to manage themselves. Make sense of these muddled emotions, process them and give them back in a way they can be understood and worked through. To do this, we need to ensure we are well prepared and able to to act as a safe container. Because if someone puts their trust in us to help, we need to make sure our container is water tight.

~ Liza


Should I?

Should I cling to sanity, when that’s not how I feel.

Should I just plod along, when all around’s unreal.

Should I really just let go, if I just uncurl my hand.

Should I take a wonder, walk through another land.


Tell me to hold tightly, that it will all be over soon.

Tell me you’ll be with me, move and give you room.

Tell me to keep on clinging, maintain my grip so tight.

Tell me at the end of this, that my life will be alright.


I think I can cling on a bit, if you stay there by my side.

I think that I’ll believe you, I know how hard you try.

I think I might just make it, as I have got you along.

I think I’ll reach the other side, I hope it won’t be long.


Daily Prompt – Cling