My Passions

I read this fantastic post by Kayla at essencentral  It inspired me to think about my own passions. In her post Passion and Purpose she asks a number of questions so I thought I’d have a go at answering them.

Please give Kayla’s post a read, it’s truly inspiring!

What puts a smile on my face?

People, my family and friends and people in general.

Relationships are important to me, I like to communicate and not on a superficial level either. I love deep conversation with like minded people. I like to explore emotions and I like to help others work out what’s meaningful, I like to find purpose to life. Sometimes we have to talk to bring out what’s inside and talking to others who understand is the best way to do this. I like to help others work things out, it makes me happy, it helps me feel worthwhile. I’m empathic and work with energy, I’m also able to connect authentically as a human being which is essential in building relationships. I like to look after people, I like to show others how to look after themselves or others. We are made up experiences and have amazing stories to tell, I like to help people tell their stories.

Writing, it’s the outlets for my thoughts, how I work myself out and make sense of my life or the world around me. I find writing both healing and inspiring, it’s a way to tell our stories.

Nature and the lessons it teaches us, the messages of growth and transformation, the beauty of it. I am always out in nature, it feeds me and if I’m out of sorts at all it heals me.


What do I find easy?

Communicating, I like people so it’s easy for me. I’m not afraid of my feelings either, I find it easy to express myself, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m not afraid of what others might think.

I’ve spent the last 20 years working with people traumatised by their experiences in therapeutic settings. I’m able to work in situations of crisis, I’m empathic but able to separate myself from the trauma and not take it with me.

I’m practical, I’m able to break things down into something that’s easier to manage and understand. This has been helpful in managing groups and individuals but also in direct work, helping others work out what might seem muddled and insurmountable.

I’m not afraid of public speaking, in fact I quite enjoy it even if I have to harness a bit of fire by putting on my lipstick and high heals!

I like to look after others, feed them, cook for them, care for them and make them happy. I like to cook, I find it easy and my friends seem to like my food, I’m usually the designated cook!

What sparks my creativity?

Love, nature, kindness, fresh food, colours, beauty and people and the words they use.

Stories, I think we all have a story to tell and I love to think about the story behind something. Walking in nature I like to think about what it’s saying, what is the message it’s giving. The world around us teaches us so much if we take the time to look and listen.

What would I do for free?

All of the above but it would be nice to be paid 😉

I will always help people, lends an ear, help them work out their problems. As a child I was called Liza the Advisor and it’s sort of continued although I won’t interfere, people have to want help. I don’t believe in telling others how to live their lives.

I write every day, it’s my therapy and I have to cook to eat!

What do I like to talk about?

Love, emotions, philosophy, spirituality, health…..

I like to talk but I don’t like to waste my words, idle chit-chat isn’t for me unless it is leading somewhere deeper. I like meaningful conversations even if we might be searching for answers forever as I love to philosophise.

I’m into spirituality and love to talk with like minded people, explore and learn new things. I’m constantly thinking about my purpose, where I’m going and if I’m on track, it’s important to me.

I love to talk but I think silence important too, we can discover ourselves in silence. To sit in silence with another can be incredibly powerful. Look into each others eyes and connect as souls.


Thanks for the questions Kayla, now for my passion plan 🙂


Happiness Jar


I’ve made a happiness jar, it’s full of happiness, wishes and aspirations.  I usually make New Years resolutions. Last year I did okay with them but I often find at the end of the year I rarely remember what my intentions were.  This year I’ve written down my hopes and dreams  and put them into a jar with little crystals, glitter, lucky heather and other bits and bobs.  I’m going to put it up on a shelf where I can see it, so that I remember and maybe add to it.

Some of my friends and family have also added to my jar.  I have some beautifully simple and deeply profound messages.  We don’t always know what is best for us, so the wishes of others, given in love adds that little something else, a little sparkle I think.

It is a little like recreating yourself, filling yourself up with goodness, I’m enjoying thinking about all the things inside.  I can look through the glass, into the interior of the jar and remember how positive I was when I created it, remember the love of those that added to it.

It will be good to go through these messages at the end of the year, remember how I was feeling and think about the things I have achieved.

Daily Prompt – Interior


Optimistically Depressed



The super moon is on its way,

and it always brings a test.

A feeling has come over me,

it’s optimistically depressed.

The moon you see controls the tides

and I have water in me.

I feel the pull as it rolls out,

that’s when the sadness hits me.

But tides they turn, come back again,

I’m skipping up and down.

From tears to laughter in a flash,

then smiling to a frown.

I wish this week would hurry up,

I want it over soon.

For one moment I’m excited,

then I’m howling at the moon.




Sometimes I hang right off the moon, 

it drips right down my back.

Swallows fly through muted colours, 

to where the day turns black.

The curtains close on any wonder, 

loosing sight of what’s good.

I argu with my conscious mind, 

feeling so misunderstood.

But then I wake as if from death, 

the sun is shining so brightly.

I jump up from my blackness, 

dance out into the world so lightly.

Butterflies in multi colours, 

fanning me with their wings.

The world so bright and shiny, 

is it happiness that rings.

I look upon these mood changes,

as the black and white of life.

Like morning is to nighttime,

and happiness to strife.

For the most part I am positive,

I get nine out of ten.

The sadness, rare but visits,

Shame I don’t know when.

Creativity ?

Creativity is wonderful and something in which we can immerse ourselves.  When we create something, we also create something else inside, joy, fulfilment and a bright light that cannot be put out.

Writing, painting, dancing, music can all bring a deep and wonderful feeling of joy and contentment.  When we sit back alone at the end of the day and look fondly at something we have created and find happiness in that, despite no one else seeing or experiencing it, that is real creativity.  Like a mother looking at her child and knowing she has created something truly special.

We create first and foremost for ourselves and the feeling it gives us to immerse ourselves and dance with our creative minds.  We might share what we produce with friends and family, who are happy that we have found a creative outlet, enjoy and admire what they see.  That they find enjoyment in our work will of course make us happy but that is not the reason we create.

When we share our work further afield for example through our blogs, we are at risk of getting caught up in producing something for others, will they like what we have done, how can we adapt it so everyone will like it.  Is the end product still the same when we share it universally as it would be if we kept it to ourselves.

Is it then really our work or the work we do for others, is this how we loose our creative spark?  Will we find as much joy as in the reward of our own creations when we think first how others will interpret, see experience.  Is this really creativity as its natural state?

I have been pondering on this, so I thought I would get it out and see what you think.  I’m interested in the thoughts of my friends this community.  Of course if you don’t respond I will know that my piece on creativity is rubbish 😉

Flat for Sale

Jack, the guy from the estate agents, said there would be no problem selling my flat. In fact he had people on his books that already wanted to view it, they were interested in my flat right now. He wanted to know what he could do to stop the other estate agents coming to give a valuation, when he could sell it today.

My home really is wonderful, I have always loved this place. I don’t really want to go but circumstances now mean I must. An upstairs flat doesn’t work anymore, I need to be downstairs now and that will mean leaving Brighton. It makes me sad to leave but I’m happy to have been here.

Jack walked around my flat with his pad and measuring tool and I accompanied him. The main room he said was great, good size and well presented. I wanted to tell him about the parties, the music and dancing that had taken place over the years. How we have laughed till we cried on many occasion in that room. How wooden spoons make fantastic microphones and in here anyone can sing. I thought he should know that I have cooked for and fed the people I love in the main room. My lounge has been checked into a few times on facebook and the food and atmosphere are said to be amazing. I didn’t share this with Jack but I do think it adds to the value.

Lovely big windows, lots of light he said. Yes, I thought, the sun streams in lighting up the room and everyone in here; it is always summer in this room. There is nothing I like better than sitting by those windows in the morning with my coffee; it is where I like to think. The flowers in the window box lean into the room to join me and bring summer indoors.

The bedroom is a good size, huge window. I didn’t mention to Jack that I lie in bed looking up at the sky every day. I set the alarm early, just to lie there. I can’t just jump out of bed, not when I have to plan the day while I’m looking up at the big blue sky from that window. At night I count the stars that shine over the city from the window and the light it lets in casts comfortable and safe shadows around the room.

Jack said he liked the wooden floorboards, a good feature he said. Great for dancing, but we do have to think about Jonathan downstairs if it is late. That is apart from the time he was dancing with us, then we didn’t care.

My neighbours are just fantastic; I’m so lucky to have them. Jonathan is a homeopath who always understands my ailments and humour. You can see his brass plaque just beside the main doorway downstairs. He makes hair products too; they are standing on the shiny glass shelf in my bathroom. If you look out of that big window again, you will see his garden, it’s beautiful all year round, it must be where he gets his inspiration.

The house next door is the vicarage, so no problems there. Robert, the vicar, is lovely, we have shared a few glasses of wine and his stories are hilarious. It is a lovely road, full of great people. What’s more near the centre of the city it’s amazingly quiet.

Before you go, Jack, did I mention the planning permission to extend into the loft. You think that’s a good selling point. No I didn’t ever get around to it, my loft is full of boxed memories.

You’re a great sales man Jack, you remind me of my granddad and he could sell anything, same patter, same charm. Thing is Jack, you don’t have all the information. The best things about this flat are the memories in the walls, the smiles that have been reflected in the glass, the happiness and the love. I think this has always been a happy home and I think anyone that lives here will get that.

Does love and happiness sell Jack, will you tell the prospective purchasers about the love. I think they need to know that it’s a wonderful home, that when the door closes behind you there is nothing quite like it.

You see, when people buy a home in Brighton they buy into a lifestyle. But what makes that even better is the home you live that lifestyle from. This home, my home, has great vibes. I think that all the people that have ever lived here have been blessed and the happiness that has been shared in the flat will fill the walls for years to come.