Creativity ?

Creativity is wonderful and something in which we can immerse ourselves.  When we create something, we also create something else inside, joy, fulfilment and a bright light that cannot be put out.

Writing, painting, dancing, music can all bring a deep and wonderful feeling of joy and contentment.  When we sit back alone at the end of the day and look fondly at something we have created and find happiness in that, despite no one else seeing or experiencing it, that is real creativity.  Like a mother looking at her child and knowing she has created something truly special.

We create first and foremost for ourselves and the feeling it gives us to immerse ourselves and dance with our creative minds.  We might share what we produce with friends and family, who are happy that we have found a creative outlet, enjoy and admire what they see.  That they find enjoyment in our work will of course make us happy but that is not the reason we create.

When we share our work further afield for example through our blogs, we are at risk of getting caught up in producing something for others, will they like what we have done, how can we adapt it so everyone will like it.  Is the end product still the same when we share it universally as it would be if we kept it to ourselves.

Is it then really our work or the work we do for others, is this how we loose our creative spark?  Will we find as much joy as in the reward of our own creations when we think first how others will interpret, see experience.  Is this really creativity as its natural state?

I have been pondering on this, so I thought I would get it out and see what you think.  I’m interested in the thoughts of my friends this community.  Of course if you don’t respond I will know that my piece on creativity is rubbish 😉

23 thoughts on “Creativity ?”

  1. I agree that dependence on the approval of a certain audience can be a pitfall or restraint to one’s creativity. We have seen many author’s works become stale by the pressures of fitting in to a certain niche. But honestly, I can’t imagine creation in the absence of an audience. I would lack the motivation to create without at least the hope that someone would see my final product. Maybe that’s just me. I don’t know. But I enjoyed your post and the question that it posed.

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    1. Thanks Phil, I don’t have the answer either, I was just thinking out loud. I’m torn really so don’t have an answer. I do know I would like to remain authentic to a small audience over mounding myself to fit in with the masses. But yes I get great joy from a pat on the back 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment and I’m pleased you enjoyed the post.

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  2. Difficult to answer this in only a comment or few words.

    For me, creativity is an innate capacity to perceive this world (existence) from different perspectives. It’s the brilliant blend of imaginary and the reality that exists. Given this natural passion, I would say, a creative pursuit
    is more importantly, to satiate the urgency to fulfill the creative voyage.

    An honest creativity should be to find happiness and contentment in creation. What the world sees or rather misses is caught by the keen eye of an artist (be it any genre).

    When one tries to squeeze in works of creativity and fall into the formulaic track designed by the so-called ‘success’ ideology, is when creativity and the artist compromise.

    Wonderful and thought provoking piece from you. Thank you for allowing this space for discussion.

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    1. Thank you so much Amitav for taking the time and for your brilliant answer that sits so well with my own thinking. It’s a struggle I suppose to remain authentic while at the same time seeking outside approval of our creative understanding. As I said above to Phil, I want to remain authentic but please people. The good thing is I don’t follow any ideologies on success as I believe it is found inside. Success is a feeling not a strategy to me. Thanks again and I’m pleased you found my post thought provoking.

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  3. If I were to consider my audience before I write, I doubt I would find value or fulfillment in writing. The freedom of thought and perspective even expression would become lost for me. Personally, it’s an absolute joy to be part of such a knowledgeable and warm community and you are probably as touched by their sincere interest as I. Still, that’s the icing on the cake, special and delicious. I enjoyed so much, your post and posing this thought. Thank you.

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    1. Thanks I agree wholeheartedly. If I was concerned about what people think, I probably wouldn’t ask questions. I love philosophical questions, I could ponder them for hours 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment and I’m pleased you enjoyed.


      1. Same when I see my son although he’s left home now. I was brought up like this and used to spend hours thinking about the universe and what it’s all about. I find it hard to find people who really want to consider bigger questions in my circle so this community is fantastic.


  4. If I had depended at any time in my life, on others acceptance or rejection of my work, I’d never be a whole person or create. The one place where I like audience approval is when cooking some nice food. Then I am cooking for myself and for others.

    The neurosis of “worry” such as, ‘Will my audience appreciate, accept or love what I do?’ is that worry stands in the way and diverts the course of the creative process and energy.

    Creative influences are everywhere in our encounters with life, people and arts. There are both positive and negative aspects of engaging with our creative side. While I spent much time trying to please people, I realized that was a path that lead to not being who I am. Influences are inevitable, how I respond is up to me.

    Living a creative life takes discipline, effort of mind and thought – lots of blood, sweat and tears. The creative process also involves engaging others in some fashion.

    “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” comes to mind. I encourage you to keep on with your joy and passion.

    I have a decorative pin that I wear, that reads: “Art saves Lives”. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for your excellent response to my post. You are so right on needing to remain a whole person to create! I really get the cooking point, I’m a good cook but hate the fact that I worry over cooking for others when I’m entertaining. I can cook well, I don’t know why I stress over it! I’m never totally happy with a meal when I’m waiting others approval which is ridiculous:-) I agree we have to remain true to ourselves and remain passionate about what we do. Those that appreciate what we offer will hang around, the others we won’t miss 🙂

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  5. I find that I write to one person at times, but not necessarily for approval. There has to be an audience even if it is just yourself you are writing to. The creative side of it can come from anywhere, not the need for an audience but from inspiration. I recall once when I worked retail being inspired by a pack of gum … the muse must be present in you not in your audience. The audience is just an added benefit if it appeals to the masses. Good question and thoughts to ponder!

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  6. Hello,

    I ended up here following you through this post. It’s really an interestingly questionable write up!
    Loved how your thoughts have that real deep meaning for those with creative minds. And yes! of course most of us go through that phase and most often even if we realize we deny the fact and when we make up finally to be, what we are. would the world lets us be?! That’s an equation with indefinite answer i believe. But still we knowing the fact,whether people like or hate ,we gotta to do what we love doing and be focused on what inspires us,as we go focused in our way, i’m sure people might get inspired along and like the flow of ours! If not then just let it be *thinking not everyone deserves/has capacity to understand the beauty in our work*

    By the way Beautiful blog! ❤
    Lots of love

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