Goddess of Creation

Put on your golden goddess cloak and create beauty, step out as the goddess you naturally are and bring transformation to everything you touch. 

There is a goddess of creativity in all of us just waiting to break free. We create through everything we do, each and every action we make creates ripples that touch others. 

If each of us consciously wear this goddess cloak today, just think of the difference we could make. Lets invite the goddess of creativity to step out amongst us.

~ Liza



I’m giving up my body

and passing you my mind,

I want to be possessed by you

my soul I’m trying to find.

Please use my hand and paint a scene,

by opening up my heart.

Write poetry that lights a fire,

I’m ready now to start.

Or use my voice, speak through me,

the words I do not know.

Blend the colours of my heart

for the creation of my soul.

I’m leaving here, there’s space for you,

my mind is open now.

Exist through me, live through me,

possess and show me how.



Writing Dreams

I dreamt I wrote fine poetry, 

I’ve forgotten it today.

Waking into a cloudy mind,

where my dreams just fade away.

Written in italic, 

on bed of softest browns.

Spread out on the surface, 

where the words laid down.

I meditate to pull it back, 

as coming from my soul.

The soul that has the answers, 

where the truth is told.

Knowing dreams are messages, 

dismayed I missed that one.

Was it the very answer, 

to all questions under the sun.

Even as I’m trying now, 

to fish it from the deep.

Knowing that it won’t come back, 

not even if I sleep.

So who is it who writes my dreams, 

those that I can see.

The creative one, all knowing, 

I guess the hidden me.

Creativity ?

Creativity is wonderful and something in which we can immerse ourselves.  When we create something, we also create something else inside, joy, fulfilment and a bright light that cannot be put out.

Writing, painting, dancing, music can all bring a deep and wonderful feeling of joy and contentment.  When we sit back alone at the end of the day and look fondly at something we have created and find happiness in that, despite no one else seeing or experiencing it, that is real creativity.  Like a mother looking at her child and knowing she has created something truly special.

We create first and foremost for ourselves and the feeling it gives us to immerse ourselves and dance with our creative minds.  We might share what we produce with friends and family, who are happy that we have found a creative outlet, enjoy and admire what they see.  That they find enjoyment in our work will of course make us happy but that is not the reason we create.

When we share our work further afield for example through our blogs, we are at risk of getting caught up in producing something for others, will they like what we have done, how can we adapt it so everyone will like it.  Is the end product still the same when we share it universally as it would be if we kept it to ourselves.

Is it then really our work or the work we do for others, is this how we loose our creative spark?  Will we find as much joy as in the reward of our own creations when we think first how others will interpret, see experience.  Is this really creativity as its natural state?

I have been pondering on this, so I thought I would get it out and see what you think.  I’m interested in the thoughts of my friends this community.  Of course if you don’t respond I will know that my piece on creativity is rubbish 😉