Nature Lessons 63

Why do we stop in life, have periods of inactivity and sometimes repeat ourselves making those same mistakes.  If we look at nature, a flower does not stop along it path, from budding it continues to grow, opening itself up into the world until it gracefully falls knowing it has given its best.  Be the flower, keep going, opening yourself up to every possible experience.

~ Liza


Breakthrough – DP



I’m waking up, I’m breaking through

I’ve reached this place with courage.

Not got straight in on a privilege pass,

or jumping on a special carriage.

The path has been so rough at times,

I’ve needed loved ones near.

The breakthrough came for me in time,

sure wasn’t always very clear.


But I’ve got up to the half way point,

now I’m needing to solider on.

Because those lessons never end,

they just go on and on. 

Fruitful Path



I question that I come to bare the fruits from that same tree.

Of all the mystery that unfolds, I cannot plainly see.

Why eternities not clearly signed and I still have to find my way.

You went before me up ahead, yet I’m still as blind today.


Reach out your kindness, walk by my side and help me as I go.

So I might set example here, in the love that I will sow.


Growth through Stillness

There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.
You feel it, don’t you?



I believe in and feel that candle in my heart, flickering in waves, never going out.  The candle is constant, there throughout and cannot be snuffed out.  I can connect with the candle in times of quietness as I meditate, watch it as it dances inside and speaks to me.  It does not speak in words but through emotion, it is my life-force it will not be extinguished while I live.  After that, I don’t know, I would imagine it will light elsewhere, where I am because it is connected to my soul.

There is a flower too, it’s opening more everyday, I believe it is at the root of me but reaching up as it grows and flourishes, as I grow with it reaching out to the possibilities that I am presented with.  The flower is love and truth, it is fed through the love that passes through me, that I give out and receive.   The flower does not need nourishment to survive but any that is provided makes it even more beautiful.

There is a bird, I’m watching it, it’s purple and it’s ready to fly…………