Breakthrough – DP



I’m waking up, I’m breaking through

I’ve reached this place with courage.

Not got straight in on a privilege pass,

or jumping on a special carriage.

The path has been so rough at times,

I’ve needed loved ones near.

The breakthrough came for me in time,

sure wasn’t always very clear.


But I’ve got up to the half way point,

now I’m needing to solider on.

Because those lessons never end,

they just go on and on.Β 

8 thoughts on “Breakthrough – DP”

      1. That’s very nice to hear, but really, your words have that affect on me. Your writing is exquisite and I know it may seem repetitive, but when I see something spectacular, I have to say so, I can’t hold back. It’s how it is. I will re read that poem a hundred times. It is timeless.

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