Blue Moon




That was certainly ‘full on’ couple of days, that big blue moon I mean. I went from happiness to despair and back again. I can be affected by the moon, I recognise and prepare for it, but this last one hit me for six.

On Monday I woke up feeling an emotional wreck, tearful and despondent. I couldn’t see much good in life. I opened my arms and embraced hopelessness fully and without question. Life was pointless, I was pointless and anything out there in the future just wasn’t worth it.

I spent the day going from one disaster to the next. I burnt toast, opened the door and the heavens opened, got lost and ran out of fuel. I didn’t want to talk to anyone and didn’t have anyone to talk to. It rained all day, for the umpteenth day that was, and the plants drowned.

Do you recognise this day, have you visited?

Yesterday I woke up singing, nothing had happened but my world had changed overnight. The sun was shining, the plants didn’t look that bad and I had things to do, people to meet and places to go. Everything went right, starting with my hair and outfit and moving onto everything else. I laughed with the people I met, finished projects and got new leads. People warmed my heart and made me feel loved. To put it simply, life couldn’t be better.

That moon is powerful but I think there’s so more going on. I constantly see double digits, my dreams are wild and my intuition is on overdrive. I think I’m being prepared for something. I’m releasing and letting go, the tears are cleansing, cathartic and restoring. Tears are the weeping of old wounds, healing from the depths within.

Are any of you getting this, are you experiencing similar? Are you managing the changes that are happening or are you immune to it? Is it necessary for growth, is it happening to all of us. Do some people just not notice or are they being left behind?

I know it’s crazy but it’s my kind of crazy now. I’m rolling with it, I’m trusting that there’s something wonderful to come. Today’s another sunny day and any clouds are just full of hope.

I watch the moon daily, I live by the sea and often stand on the shore watching the tides, sun and moon. I’ve been sun gazing too, that’s another story. The sun feeds me and the moon washes me, they are necessary to my growth, just as they are to the plants and everything else.

It’s all just cycles, I’m in a cycle, I’m moving through and so are you. Love to hear what you think of my craziness ūüôā


Nature Lessons 118

Plants and flowers are continuously changing, growing, opening up and letting go of layers they no longer need.  As the centre opens the external leaves unfold and drop, this appears to revolve around the central point, the heart of the plant.  The plant is so much more beautiful when it lets go of those aged outer leaves, those leaves of the plant that no longer nourish the heart. 

~ Liza



Nature Lessons 108

The tree stands firm with its roots securely attached to the earth. It reaches up with all its branches to the stars, even those branches that bend gently towards the earth, started their journey facing the sky. Blossoms fly from branches painting the world, fruits provide goodness and leaves fall like love and kindness to nourish the earth.  The tree throughout its life, continues to reach for the stars. The pattern of the bark and circles within the trunk surly tell us something, but for now I think we should just spread ourselves widely and reach for the stars.

~ Liza



Self Examination

Self examination is to look into ourselves deeply, in truth and without ego. This can be beneficial to our development and growth if it is done in honesty.  It is essential that we consider all aspects of the self, the areas we have excelled in and those we continue to struggle with.  To relentlessly focus only at the areas in which we have failed or need improvement does not do justice to the whole self.  Recognise those things that come naturally, such as empathy and love and consider how you will do better in those areas in which you struggle.  When we grow from soil that is nourished and fed we grow beautifully.

~ Liza