Opening to Opportunity



Being true to ourselves and honest with those around us can be difficult.  It is hard to lay ourselves bare, open up and show our vulnerabilities.  But to remain closed to the opportunity of growth and discovery in living only by the ideals of others, is to live only through the eyes of others.  

~ Liza



2 thoughts on “Opening to Opportunity”

  1. This is a great lesson (particularly great I mean as they’re all worthwhile) 😜 Many people live through the eyes of others, but we are filtering our life through a fundamentally maladjusted lens if we use others as our guideposts and markers. You are wise my lovely and bloody fantastic 🙆 I haven’t told you that for a while so wanted to tell you today. You, my lush friend, are bloody FANTASTIC! A one off and an inspiration 😁😘👊💛❤

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