7 thoughts on “Nature Lessons 220”

      1. It was strange, somehow I started with a spiritual Indian theme which later changed in to the tree with roots which shows I am now grounded. The heart went then which I think means I am a loving spirit. The eyes, obviously the windows of the soul, the things that look like thistles at the bottom I think signify my journey through pain! The strange writing maybe telling me I still have things to learn. The flowers maybe confirms I am in a happy place.

        Honestly I gave no thought at all to what I would paint. I was hyped up after our messages.

        I was talking to John last night in bed and I said it is true that I have stopped searching for the meaning of my life. He reminded me that I was searching when I met him, I was a lost soul and a damaged one. It’s true I have worked through my passed now, it’s over and I have no desire to rake it up ever again. Nor will I worry or think about what I have to come because experience tells me that too is pointless.

        Wow that was a long statement 😉🤔😬🙄😊👍

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