It could have been a glorious day, 

the weather man said it could be.

A mild and sunny September day, 

was so what I hoped I would see.

It could have been an Indian summer, 

it’s what the papers bragged about.

But I’m picking up my big umbrella, 

when I ever need to venture out.

It could have rained this morning, 

but it waited until I opened the door.

It should have been a glorious day, 

I can’t take this rain anymore.

But come later in the evening, 

the sun popped his head from the sky.

It brought me a little light relief, 

with a glorious and gentle goodbye.

The swans swam out to bask in it, 

leaving the family on the bank.

I suppose for that special moment, 

it’s the universe I’m needing to thank.



Daily Prompt – glorious 

Along the Canal


I’ve moved again, I’m in Kent now for a while. I live by the sea and can see it from the window on waking but behind the apartment block is The Royal Military Canal that runs for a few miles down to the local village of Hythe and way beyond.

The canal was built as a defence against the french invasion in the 1800’s, lots can be read about it but I want to show you some of its beauty. I love to walk along the canal and back each day and it’s a good way of getting my recommended 10,000 steps.

The canal runs parallel to the sea, so sometimes I’ll take the costal path one way and the canal the other.






So now you know where I am and what I’ve been up to 🙂