Spirit v Human


If only I could win the lottery or come into some money, I could do all the things I wanted, I could be kind and spiritual, I could think more of others and make a difference, I could truly live my purpose‘.

Does this statement or something similar sound familiar?

It’s very easy to be spiritual when our human side is taken care of, when we don’t have to work and that human we reside in has everything it needs for us to just concentrate on being a spiritual being. But the truth is, that human does exist, it needs, it wants and it’s more often than not in control.

We are spiritual beings living in humans, we have humans and they have us and although our spirit being wants to spring out, most of us have to take care of the human and it’s personality first.

There are and have been some truly wonderful people on earth, people who’s humans have allowed the spirit through, even those that allow the spirit to lead, but it’s not common. It might be what we strive for, in fact I think that’s the whole idea of us being put together but it’s something that takes many lifetimes to achieve.

If only this, or if only that goes on throughout our lives, the relationship between spirit and human. And that’s it, if we consider it more of a relationship, we might help both parties have their say, conflict resolution, relationship guidance, call it what you will.

My spirit knows, I’m not sure how, call it a knowing that we are destroying the world, we are using up all the resources, polluting the air and seas. But the spirit lives inside the human that turns the light on, fills the car and needs a holiday in the sun. There is an ongoing conversation, should we, shouldn’t we’ within all of us and it’s because we are talking to ourselves, ourselves being the human personality and spirit within.

Many people go through life, totally human, the spirit is there but it’s asleep, it’s given in. It’s not an easy task after all and I suppose, if it is why we are born, it’s not supposed to be. But, if our spirit is strong enough, clear enough, it can get itself heard, the relationship can become more equal.

When we practice listening, we learn, if we sit in meditation or just silent contemplation for a little time each day, we are building the relationship between the two. We are allowing the spirit time to communicate and assisting the human in understanding. Isn’t that what we would recommend in any relationship, time together to create understanding and grow.

When we give ourselves, spirit and human, chance, both can be heard. It’s like any relationship, it needs time and space to grow. When we spend time each day, listening and communing with both parties, we are building the relationship, we are starting to work together, we are in rapport with who we are.

So perhaps it not about that lottery win after all, it’s not about giving the human everything it needs to release the spiritual side of us, perhaps it’s just about the relationship we nurture between the two that creates something beautiful.


Relating to Others

Have you ever held the idea that is perhaps easier to get on with or work with one sex or type of character than another, I for one certainly have.  I believe when we do this, it is because we are taking ourselves and our own preferences along to the meeting, we are not actually seeing the other person, we are seeing what we assume the other to be like.  Therefore we start from a point of prejudging based on our own life experiences.

Relating with others it is important for us to remember our humanness, that underneath it all, we are all just basically the same. We are all human beings, we are living in human bodies with human minds, that makes us the same. That we might hail from different places, have different experiences,  beliefs, cultures, religions is secondary, because we are all basically human beings.

When we relate to another in this way, not from position, gender or beliefs we can truly connect. We need to put away ourselves, the ideas we have collected along the way and connect as human to human. To understand another we need to understand firstly their humanness.

If we are to help others, be it through work or friendship we have to see them as they truly are and put away any preconceived ideas that we might harbour.  There are so many people in the world who are needing help who are looked at first as the problem not as the person. If we only see others as the baggage that hangs from them or from our own preconceptions we haven’t got a chance of helping or understanding them.

It’s not easy as we often relate from a point of similar interests or experience, but doesn’t that just confirm our own preferences.  Relating to others is as much about what they can teach us as how we can help them.

These are just some random thoughts on understanding others in a world that seems to have lost the ability to do so.