Just saying..

It’s impossible to be all things to all people. The best you can be is true to yourself, speak from the heart and own what you say. If people like you that’s great, but there will always be those that don’t, those that for whatever reason don’t get you. That is absolutely fine, after all who wants to be a carbon copy of everybody else, for they are traveling their own journey. It is impossible to please everyone and the difference in each of us is what makes us each individual and special.

To give the best that you can is all you can do, to speak thoughtfully and with care is the priority. When you’ve left the room, those memories you leave behind will be real and you will be remembered for the individual you are. You are what you say, your words will either inspire or confuse, use them well.

~ Liza


Relating to Others

Have you ever held the idea that is perhaps easier to get on with or work with one sex or type of character than another, I for one certainly have.  I believe when we do this, it is because we are taking ourselves and our own preferences along to the meeting, we are not actually seeing the other person, we are seeing what we assume the other to be like.  Therefore we start from a point of prejudging based on our own life experiences.

Relating with others it is important for us to remember our humanness, that underneath it all, we are all just basically the same. We are all human beings, we are living in human bodies with human minds, that makes us the same. That we might hail from different places, have different experiences,  beliefs, cultures, religions is secondary, because we are all basically human beings.

When we relate to another in this way, not from position, gender or beliefs we can truly connect. We need to put away ourselves, the ideas we have collected along the way and connect as human to human. To understand another we need to understand firstly their humanness.

If we are to help others, be it through work or friendship we have to see them as they truly are and put away any preconceived ideas that we might harbour.  There are so many people in the world who are needing help who are looked at first as the problem not as the person. If we only see others as the baggage that hangs from them or from our own preconceptions we haven’t got a chance of helping or understanding them.

It’s not easy as we often relate from a point of similar interests or experience, but doesn’t that just confirm our own preferences.  Relating to others is as much about what they can teach us as how we can help them.

These are just some random thoughts on understanding others in a world that seems to have lost the ability to do so.