7 Days 7 Photos – A Black and White Challenge – Day 4

Thanks  Leigha Robbins for this challenge


The rules for the challenge are;-

  • Black and while photos
  • Photos of your life
  • No people
  • No explaination
  • Challenge someone each day

Please do take up the challenge if you would like to, I‚Äôd love to see your black and white photos ūüôā


7 Days 7 Photos ‚Äď A Black and White Challenge – Day 1

I want to thank Leigha Robbins for this challenge


The rules for the challenge are;-

  • Black and while photos
  • Photos of your life
  • No people
  • No explaination
  • Challenge someone each day

I don’t usually accept challenges so think it would be unfair of me to challenge others, but please do take up the challenge if you would like to, I’d love to see your black and white photos ūüôā





It could have been a glorious day, 

the weather man said it could be.

A mild and sunny September day, 

was so what I hoped I would see.

It could have been an Indian summer, 

it’s what the papers bragged about.

But I’m picking up my big umbrella, 

when I ever need to venture out.

It could have rained this morning, 

but it waited until I opened the door.

It should have been a glorious day, 

I can’t take this rain anymore.

But come later in the evening, 

the sun popped his head from the sky.

It brought me a little light relief, 

with a glorious and gentle goodbye.

The swans swam out to bask in it, 

leaving the family on the bank.

I suppose for that special moment, 

it’s the universe I’m needing to thank.



Daily Prompt – glorious 

¬† The Roar of the Sea

I see you rolling onto the earth,  

a raw and a crash and a bang.

Catch the shimmer of your waves, 

while safe on the shore I stand.

The birds who can’t know better, 

dance and play with your mane.

Transfixed by your silent power, 

watching you roll once again.

There’s not one who’ll take you on, 

and you can do as you please.

You’re the lion of creation I think, 

our wild and powerful seas.

And with my eyes tightly closed,

I hear you calling my name.

You roar out from your being,

you call again and again.

I know there’s those who heard you,

walked right into your depths.

Left their lives and families here,

in taking those final steps.

So I’ll treat you with caution now,

as you call to me much to much.

I’ll love you from a safe distance,

your spray is all I will touch.




I’d always rather a sunny day,

but there’s a certain something to fog.

The way it wraps around the trees,

when out for a walk with the dog.

Shapes it makes as it moves along,

I sometimes see figures with faces.

The fog and me, we get along okay,

I can put up with it in most places.

But when it comes in from the sea,

as a sea mist that is most sudden.

I’m furious as it’s spoiling my day,

it really does push all my buttons.

Far out on the horizon it moves,

in just moments it’s on the shore.

A foggy day at the seaside’s not on,

it had better not come anymore.



Savouring the Moment 



Walking out to the beach I was disappointed to see the tide was in, not only was it in, it was still climbing. I knew this would be the case but came anyway, hoping the very reliable tide time tables were wrong. You see, I just love low tide, love to walk along the shore, through the sand and rock pools just being, the silence and stillness the low tide brings sooths my soul, it slows my breath and allows me to be. The vast expanse of beach provides a sense of freedom I can’t find anywhere else.

I savour each moment on the beach when the tide is out, I walk across sand that was hidden under the sea, I pad through the land of sea creatures. I am in Poseidons territory and yet he cannot claim me for his own as I walk across sand.

You get it, I was disappointed. I sat down on the pebbles and looked at the sea, waves crashing towards me. Closer and closer they came, beckoning me, teasing me. The foam of each wave, like lace, covering the shingle, pebbles sparkling like jewels as it once again subsided. The sea, I felt was dressing the land for the occasion.

I sat and watched, immersed myself in the event and thought about integration, pondered on the blending of opposites. Nature teaches us so much, everything we look to in nature has a different message.

If we spend our lives doing the same thing again and again, we miss out on expanding our minds, we miss moments that are extraordinary. Sometimes it’s right to look at things a different way, shift our perspective a little.

As the sea came closer and closer, I watched the pebbles, once dried from the sun disappear into the sea, only to remain as a memory. A piece of seaweed rolled on the tide to land by my feet, a final bow on the costume.

No longer disappointed I left for home, realising as I did, that each moment teaches us something new, to savour each and every one of them.

Life happens when we are waiting for something else, if we don’t experience each moment, we might miss out. We might be so preoccupied with one thing that we miss everything else.


Isn’t nature a wonderful teacher ūüėä





Beautiful day here on the South Coast of England yesterday. Here are some shots I took in the evening of the tide coming back in. The water was so warm I walked along paddling in it for miles, so far I didn’t actually know where I was when I climbed from the beach.


A dog enjoying a swim



To the Sea




Oh, to sail and wander the seas

by sailing boat or steam.

Just sailing along on the water, 

my life would be a dream.

To bathe with all the sea creatures, 

take showers in the rain.

While living the life of a sailor, 

going out to sea again.

So pipe me out of the harbours, 

send me up to the nest.

Give me a compass in my hand, 

as the sea presents its test.

Spotting new land on a horizon, 

seeing cliffs as they loom.

Putting a message in my bottle, 

right under a silvery moon.



Down to the SeaÔĽŅ

I want to walk out to the shoreline, 

but I’m not wearing the right shoes.¬†

I must come back again tomorrow, 

with footwear I can abuse.

I’m looking out to nothingness,¬†

while sitting here on this rock.

That it’s so calm and peaceful now,¬†

is quite a culture shock.

The sun is shining brightly still, 

though it’s heading home to bed.

I like this part of Worthing now, 

it sort of clears my head.


Some photos of the sea, two minutes from my flat. I’m not keen on the town but love the space to seashore provides.

I wonder what this pile of pebbles is all about?


Sea of Life

Like the ever moving seas, 

our lives should not stagnate.

The changing of tides, 

allows us little time to wait. 

With the erosion of land, 

and moulding of the shores.

Structure is destroyed, 

yet we are presented with more.

But the shores are so soft,

with the gentleness of sand.

Although we can’t rely,

on being so close to land.

And the  water pulls us under,

then at other times we float.

Our role is not to fight,

but to keep swimming hard with hope.

Then looking out towards the end,

with setting sun eyes widen.

Knowing life continues, 

for far beyond the horizon.