To the Sea




Oh, to sail and wander the seas

by sailing boat or steam.

Just sailing along on the water, 

my life would be a dream.

To bathe with all the sea creatures, 

take showers in the rain.

While living the life of a sailor, 

going out to sea again.

So pipe me out of the harbours, 

send me up to the nest.

Give me a compass in my hand, 

as the sea presents its test.

Spotting new land on a horizon, 

seeing cliffs as they loom.

Putting a message in my bottle, 

right under a silvery moon.





If I could sail away from here,

I’d start off heading south.

Right down the winding river,

I’d leave it from the mouth.

I’d venture then to open seas,

deep blue and lovely green.

With little waves that sparkle,

on the top and in between.

If I could sail away from here,

I know I’d go all by myself.

For such a new experience,

I wouldn’t want anyone else.

I’d sail over the finest oceans,

I wish to see all of the seas.

Just bobbing along on the water,

in the warmest ever of breeze.