If I could sail away from here,

I’d start off heading south.

Right down the winding river,

I’d leave it from the mouth.

I’d venture then to open seas,

deep blue and lovely green.

With little waves that sparkle,

on the top and in between.

If I could sail away from here,

I know I’d go all by myself.

For such a new experience,

I wouldn’t want anyone else.

I’d sail over the finest oceans,

I wish to see all of the seas.

Just bobbing along on the water,

in the warmest ever of breeze.



If I could do anything….

We become so tied down by commitments, family, jobs, friends, finances, mortgages and rents. Then there’s the contracts we’ve signed up to like the internet, mobile phones and utilities. Doctors, opticians and a number of other health services, when you think about it there is an awful lot that keeps us tied down into one place.

Have you ever thought what you would do with your life if you could do anything? I have and if I could really do anything, I’d leave that rat race and travel, I’d set out to experience the world and all the wonders it has to offer.

I love the sun and nature so I’d head in the direction of the sun, not the desert, I like to see flowers grow but somewhere warm. I like to be near water, so I’d be inclined to head to the coast or somewhere with lakes. I need lots of vegetables as I’m not a meat eater, so somewhere with an abundance of fresh veg.

I can’t do without the internet, it’s a shame but it’s true, I like to blog, I like to read and I like to keep in touch. I need internet access of some kind. I would also like to be near a town or city, much as I love nature, I love or need to be near people, they fascinate me, I could people watch for hours. Sometimes I make up stories on the people I’m observing, I wonder sometimes how close I get!

I love architecture, love to wonder around city streets and visit churches, temples and places of worship. I’m really interested in different religions and what I can take from them and love philosophy and philosophical conversations. I’m not fabulous at languages, a little French and Spanish but not enough to philosophise so hopefully some English speaking people too, although I’d certainly make an effort to learn a local language. If I was going to work an English community or visitors would be handy too!

I have flat feet and like open toed shoes like flip flops or Burkinstocks to knock about in, I wear trainers and higher heals for nights out.

I like art, music and dance although I have two left feet. I like to watch dance, listen to buskers and musicians and visit galleries.

I travel quite lightly, but I want a hairdryer and toiletries and clothes for fat and slimmer days. Okay maybe I’m not such a light traveller but I’m better than many.

I want a camera before I go anywhere as up to now all my photos are taken on my mobile phone, maybe some photography lessons too. I need to take my laptop along for blogging, working and Skype and most importantly keeping in touch with my son.

Oh, I’m terrified of sharks and jellyfish and only paddle because of this, but would swim in a lake. The sea draws me because of the infinity I feel looking out to the horizon, I love to watch the sun rise and fall.

Now with this in mind, where do you think I should go, I’m really interested in your suggestions because I have incredibly itchy feet. Oh and by the way job offers are welcome too ūüėČ




I was recently in Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza for a few days staying with a friend. I thought the island quite beautiful and being a sun worshipper as I am enjoyed every moment. Oh that’s apart from getting lost on the mountain, but at least it taught me a lesson.

Ibiza’s not all foam parties and clubbing, there is another vibe to the island too, it has a spiritual feel to it, especially the mountains. Ibiza is full of spiritual and yoga retreats and it’s amazing just how many organic and health foods are available in comparison with mainland Spain.

I kept looking at the word Ibiza and thinking it went quite well with Liza, I’ve toyed with the idea of going over for a longer period, I like the idea of island life but wonder if I’d miss the culture of being close to a city. I’m still pondering on the idea, I think I might just do it at some point!

I thought I’d share a few photos with you so you can get a feel for it too.










Reflections through the window




Girona city is one of my special places. Just up from Barcelona, a very special Catalan city. From the magnificent cathedral to the cobblestone streets. 

I love this part of Spain, it’s my spiritual home and luckily I have family here so I can visit as often as I like. 

I get off the plane at Girona airport and there is a smell that tells me I’m home. Somewhere between pig farms and the manure on the fields there is a smell that speaks to me.  It talks of family and food, sun and lazy walks in nature.  I can find a stillness here that is difficult to find anywhere else.

I’m presently in Spain for a family wedding so when the city prompt came up today I knew it called for my love affair with Girona, we were meant to be.

Response to the Daily Word Prompt – city

Held Aloft


I’m beside myself with worry, this really can’t be right,
I dreamt a plane was crashing, I dreamt it late last night.

I know it’s not an omen, I hope so anyway,
as I’m flying off myself soon, in just a couple of days.

Why can’t I dream of riches, of love and spiritual paths,
instead of things like crashes, with memories that last.

I know it’s because I’m packing now, I know this is the way,
it’s guilt about the fun I’ll have, I’m sure that’s what they’d say.

So I will buckle up my seatbelt and think of better things,
and pray the plane will hold us up, I’ll really watch the wings.

I have set my new  intention, to only dream of love,
avoiding cheese, crossing hearts and sending prayers above.