I Move

I dance as I’m swept along by the wind,

not clinging onto the trees.

Twisting along past those rain clouds,

going just where I please.

Those old roots are in my pockets now,

I’ll keep them moist and fed.

Until I plant them in the ground again,

remembering how to embed.

But for now I’m like a spinning feather,

light and catching the sun.

Dancing across these earthly planes,

laughing and having fun.

I’ve been that couch potato before, 

I’m not doing it anymore.

As when each chapter is over now, 

I know there’s more to explore.


A bit how I feel at the moment, with most of the things that hold me down in storage, I’m lighter, I can move around easily. 

We can put roots down anywhere we please at any time, we are not trees. As beautiful as they are, we don’t have to stay put, we have the ability to change our environment at any time.

Why spend life in one place, become like trees in an organised  orchard when we have roots we can move. We are so lucky, we are able to explore and make the most of life. Stop off, experience and then move on to experience more.

I know it’s not how life works, I know we need jobs, need connections and these things keep us in one place, but isn’t this a pity. I’ve stayed in places I love and that’s great but I’ve also stayed where I’m unhappy and that’s just not good enough.

I’ll settle down again but for now I feel a bit like a feather and I’m enjoying the experience.



Nature Lessons 74

However firmly we feel our roots are planted, however much we believe we are in the right place and doing the right thing the universe might have different plans for us. There maybe a future waiting for us somewhere outside of our understanding or imagination. Do not attach yourself blindly through fear of the unknown, allow the universe to guide you gently to your destination.

~ Liza


Tree Tale



How deep are my roots

how far down do I go

I only feel them not see

from the surface below

And the creatures that live

above, in my leaves

Why do they stay there

building futures on me

I stand tall and strong

and blow in the breeze

I stay put for years

not come and go as I please

In winters I stand bare

barren and dark

In summer I flourish

like all trees in the park

Children they climb me

and swing from up high

The old sit in my shade

watch the days going by

What’s my meaning to you

do I connect to your soul

Do my species protect you

Keep your world whole