Held Aloft


I’m beside myself with worry, this really can’t be right,
I dreamt a plane was crashing, I dreamt it late last night.

I know it’s not an omen, I hope so anyway,
as I’m flying off myself soon, in just a couple of days.

Why can’t I dream of riches, of love and spiritual paths,
instead of things like crashes, with memories that last.

I know it’s because I’m packing now, I know this is the way,
it’s guilt about the fun I’ll have, I’m sure that’s what they’d say.

So I will buckle up my seatbelt and think of better things,
and pray the plane will hold us up, I’ll really watch the wings.

I have set my new  intention, to only dream of love,
avoiding cheese, crossing hearts and sending prayers above.

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