At the End of the Day


I love to watch this family of swans. Mum has had seven babies this year but they are growing fast, as big as their parents.  I followed them home down the canal last night and I think got some lovely shots. I love the fact that they have days out, heading off down the canal and into town where I’m sure they know they’ll get fed and back home to their nest at the end of the day.









What is more beautiful, the sunset or sunrise or could it be for you the deepest forest or the highest mountain.  Each of these things calls to us individually, is beautiful in as much as it touches our souls.  Beauty cannot be measured, it is of personal choice and appreciation.  Each and every one of us witnesses the world in a different way, is inspired and fulfilled in different ways.  

~ Liza


New Day

Each sunset a goodbye, 

each sunrise a greeting.

Dawn bringing with her, 

the gentlest of meetings. 

Adue with one hand, 

the other one waves.

Experiencing new, 

treasure what’s saved.

Cherishing memories, 

but not to the point.

Another won’t fit in, 

new souls to anoint.

Starting the sentence, 

with a capital letter.

A poem of new love,

what could be better.

Painting a portrait,

high in the sky.

That talks of my passion,

to those passing by.

The start of a symphony,

on gentle strings.

Opening to adventure,

a new day begins.


October Skies

I don’t like summer ending, but fall can be amazingly beautiful, known by some as the second spring.  

I love the sunsets in October, I love them because they are early enough for me to see them, I haven’t yet started dinner and I have time to sit and watch the sun setting over the sea.  

Skies this time of year are wonderful, for me it’s like the last hurrah to summer.  

The Setting Sun


As I sit here in the autumn sun,

I compare it to my life.

It’s weaker now and gentle,

no longer shines as bright.

It strokes my arm with tender care,

with warmth it touches me.

That it joined me on my journey,

is plain for all to see.

It’s dimmer now but just as true,

its rays are full of love.

As it sets, before it dies,

it paints joy in skies above.