Nature Lessons 351

When we only look at the external we are not really seeing the true being.

Look at the flower, beautiful as it’s bloom may be, it cannot stand without the roots, the love that flows through the stem and leaves that balance.

We are more than just the face, the body around us, we are what runs within, holds us up and everything that has ever happened to us.

~ Liza



Finding Beauty

I’m not keen on my double chin,

so I hold it way up high.

And that my waistlines spreading,

gives me sleepless nights.

I’m a little too preoccupied today,

with what is thought of me.

I know that if the truth is known,

you don’t see what I see.

We are so involved with ourselves,

that we have our blinkers on.

That reflection of us in the mirror,

well it really has it wrong.

The truth of how we really look,

is inside and tucked away.

Love stored in our heart and soul,

and what we give away.

The beauty that we look for here,

shallow and not true.

The essence of your beautiful soul,

is held inside of you.


Written after a messenger chat with a fellow blogger, thanks my beautiful friend, your words inspired me xx



Nature Lessons 91

Even on the bleakest winters day the sun still rises each day, birds continue to call in the dawn and nature unfolds as it should.  There is a beauty in the stillness of winter just as there is during difficult episodes in our own lives if we look for them.  Find the beauty around you, find it in silence, find it in hope and find it natures messages.  

~ Liza 




Nature Lessons 78

A rose does not just become a thing of beauty and joy.  To reach this point the rose has pushed its way up from the depths of earth, battled the elements and fought for survival.  When a rose opens and blooms it is because it has reached its final destination having travelled to get there.   When you see that beautiful rose, or in fact any flower, let it be a reminder of your own path, life is full of pathways that lead us to openings.  

~ Liza 





What is more beautiful, the sunset or sunrise or could it be for you the deepest forest or the highest mountain.  Each of these things calls to us individually, is beautiful in as much as it touches our souls.  Beauty cannot be measured, it is of personal choice and appreciation.  Each and every one of us witnesses the world in a different way, is inspired and fulfilled in different ways.  

~ Liza


Artificial- DP

Not everything of beauty is natural, some things are artificial yet created from a beautiful mind, born from inspiration to grow into something very special.

~ Liza


Great houses and gardens for example, those owned by the National Trust in the United Kingdom

The lakes and gardens of Sheffield Park in West Sussex were designed and created in 1700’s. The garden comes into its own in Autumn, where displays of colours from trees are reflected in the lakes.




Nature in all its glory mixes with the elements here in a landscaped garden. Trees that would not naturally grow in the area, planted around a man made lakes to make a beautiful garden.







In response to the Daily Prompt word – Artificial 

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