In Nothing..

It’s in doing nothing we find ourselves,

or someone we might know.

Whilst contemplating something else,

the universe somehow unfolds.

In trying to find the meaning of being,

it’s only more questions we find.

Although pointers drop into awareness,

when thoughts are left behind.

So close the books and take a walk,

through natures winding trails.

Inspiration will glisten in setting suns,

mingle in leaves that fall in gales.

Reflections you see on the rolling tide,

smile right through to your soul.

Connecting to all that surrounds you,

ending up feeling you’re whole.



Love is just a Word

I’ve been thinking about karmic relationships quite a bit lately. Those people we keep coming back with to resolve or learn something, the people who come along with us to help us with our lessons.

I don’t think they come back for us but at the same time, they are on their own paths too, with their own lessons. It’s just that the paths are intertwined somehow, their lives and ours wrapped up together for a while.

There’s purpose, everyone we meet is meant to be, even the meetings of moments, the person who picks up a dropped glove, the person who stops to let you cross the road, it’s all in the play.

I call it a play, because that’s sort of what it is, all the actors are in place, but we improvise, there isn’t a script, we can decide where we go with each meeting. I can smile at the man who picks up my glove and make his day or frown because the glove is wet and ignore his kindness. Each of these actions will have a different impact, each will change his day.

I don’t necessarily believe in chance meetings, I think they are destined, it’s what we do after, that changes the course of events. If I’m supposed to meet you on 17th November 2017, I will, how I get there will depend on what I do today or tomorrow, you too, but we will meet. Mind boggling, isn’t it, but it’s what I believe.

People come in and out of our lives, some stay, some move through quite quickly, each of them change us in some way. They change us through their actions and our responses, as we do them. It’s all in the plan, the plan we once knew about but forgot.

I think we come here to learn and perfect certain qualities, like kindness, compassion, empathy and love. To learn we have to be presented with situations that teach, through situations that are not alway easy, we help each other.

My dad has always talked about his mother not loving him, he never felt loved by her and she never told him she loved him. My dad because of this has always found it difficult to express love himself, I’d go as far to say understand love in the real sense of the word. That’s funny, it’s not a word, but until we know love it is just a word. I think they will come back together again, I told him this earlier and he looked horrified. My dad thinks he has made an agreement with the almighty that he will be born again with his late wife in Australia, who am I to argue!

That got me thinking about my relationships, who I might have travelled with through many lifetimes. My mum, sister and son for sure as I know their souls and my dad too because that has been a learning experience for both of us. Who else, I don’t know, my best friends, certainly. But what about those that have caused pain, hurt me or betrayed me, what about those I have hurt, yes we will meet again, we will be given another chance to get things right.

I want to make the most of all the relationships I have in life, those before me anyway. I would also like to let go of past hurts, recognise them for what they were and take the lessons with me.

I’ve seen someone in regressions, they are different people but the same soul. I want to stroke their face each time and that’s not something I would do. I’ve not met this person this time yet, I wonder about them, will I meet them or will I have to wait.

Mentally I want to make peace with all those I’ve known, those that have moved on, those I’m no longer in contact with. I want to have learnt from the experience, I want it to be okay, for them too.

I could go on rambling, but I won’t, I’ll save it for when we meet on 17th November 😉



Finding Beauty

I’m not keen on my double chin,

so I hold it way up high.

And that my waistlines spreading,

gives me sleepless nights.

I’m a little too preoccupied today,

with what is thought of me.

I know that if the truth is known,

you don’t see what I see.

We are so involved with ourselves,

that we have our blinkers on.

That reflection of us in the mirror,

well it really has it wrong.

The truth of how we really look,

is inside and tucked away.

Love stored in our heart and soul,

and what we give away.

The beauty that we look for here,

shallow and not true.

The essence of your beautiful soul,

is held inside of you.


Written after a messenger chat with a fellow blogger, thanks my beautiful friend, your words inspired me xx



Waking Up


Do you ever feel that you understand something but can’t quite put it into words.  The concept is bigger than words allow, it’s just a knowing and that knowing is magnificent in itself.  I think this might be linked to what is described as a sort of spiritual awakening.  You begin to live life with a different understanding, nothing has changed on the outside but somewhere inside of you, at the core of your existence, everything is different.  You are still living the life you always have, with the same friends and family around you, although something has shifted and that something, you can’t quite put it into words.

You look at everything differently now, you see things as if through fresh eyes.  Nature has never looked so beautiful, your drawn to art of all kinds and revel in dance, poetry and philosophy.  You blend with your surroundings, they become you, and you them, you recognise oneness. You switch off the television and cancel the papers, life is now full of questions that can’t be answered by anyone else.  Space and time for your self are an important commodity, you find silence to be almost musical and necessary for your peace of mind. You make new connections, people come into your life as if by chance but you know they are meant to be, others leave in the same way.  Love becomes real for what seems like the first time and you understand the immenseness of the feeling, to love is to live.  It becomes obvious that love is the answer to all of the problems in the world as love is caring, love is a prayer and thought for someone or something and has the ability, if given the chance, to conquer all ills.

I started to see and feel life differently after a couple of very difficult years.  I went through  a period of immense trauma including a number of significant losses, that pushed me towards introspection, I needed to know who I was, I was searching for purpose.  The shift wasn’t immediate it took time but I could never now be the same person I was once.  Of course there are elements of the old me, I’m still the same but my answers are different now.  I’m softer, I give myself time and I don’t aspire to be anything other than the best me I can be, I recognise myself as a student, I’m learning and have lots to learn.  I am as what can only be described as searcher, I’m looking for answers, but on the other hand I know some of these answers are too big for me to comprehend at the present moment.

People wake up in different ways, it’s usually a big event, a near death experience, a life changing event, whatever it is usually the breaking down of all we knew and relied on, the Tower in the tarot deck explains this well.  I’m not saying I’m awake, I’m probably far from it, but I’m on the path towards it, which is a much better place than I was in.

I don’t know why I wrote this today, I think I want to hear about the experience of others.   If your reading this and reach the end without zoning out, what does it say to you, how can you relate?  I’m having a deep Sunday here in the UK, whatever your doing I hope it’s beneficial  🙂



I’m going to relinquish my control 

and put my trust in you.

I’m going to embrace in all the things 

you want me to do.

I will do so without question, 

trusting you know best.

Without regret or any fear, 

nor will I suspect a test.

I know I need to give up possessing, 

treasures that I’ve stashed.

I’m preparing for the day it comes, 

when my reality is smashed.

I do this with a saddened heart, 

but do so as I think right.

I suppose I’ll miss attachments, 

when they’re out of sight.

But this is how my soul will grow, 

without the weight I know.

I’m trusting you from this day on, 

so show me where to go.



Giant – DP

The giant is quite beautiful,

magnificent to me,

gentle yet splendiferous,

although you cannot see.

The giant is eternal,

having travelled many years,

through challenges and twists,

some of them with tears.

The giant’s had to overcome,

things that held it down,

fear of failure was impossible,

until bravery was found.

The giant got so big through love,

expanding from the heart,

the giant wasn’t always big,

so very tiny at the start.

The giant’s is so very old,

wise and always right,

watch the giant and listen,

don’t put it out of sight.

The giant is invisible,

yet that giant’s so very true,

the giant is your spirit you see,

it rides along with you.


I’m sort of mystified as to where my soul is at this very moment, is it in its entirety with me, or is a part of me or somewhere else completely.

I’m also bewildered as to why am I searching to find myself in a spiritual form, if I actually only exist for this moment in time here and now.

I’m baffled by feelings that I am an immense being, that I experience myself in dreams and wonder if I continue to exist somewhere outside of myself.

I’m bemused to how much time and effort goes into this journey, puzzled by my determination to understand the intricate maze of the universe.

I’m confused by the enormity of my search and perplexed because in all probability I won’t ever discover the answers here as the physical me.


I love to philosophise on the meaning of it all, the wonders of the universe and what IT is really all about.  Have you got any nearer to the answers?



You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul ~ Swami Vivekananda


How well do you know your soul, how often do you stop and listen to your true spirit and know that it speaks the truth, has you best interests at heart.  It’s taken me a long time to get to a point in which I think I’m getting to know the true me, the eternal soul that I am, outside of my physical self.

I invite her into the room sometimes to sit with me, I call her and she comes.  She has become a friend and confident, she listens and guides me and it’s always in the right direction.   If I truly open up to what I think my soul is telling me, I’m usually right because it comes from my heart centre and not through any logical thinking.  Not that it is always the direction I want to go in, but usually where I’m meant to be.  Sometimes through difficulties that propel me forward and sometimes through experiences that encourage growth.  Whatever, when I look back I can’t see that I have been pointed in the wrong direction.  That’s not to say that I haven’t made mistakes, ignored her and made up my own mind, but I suppose that was another lesson I needed to learn.

She is eternal, she has been around forever, long before she joined me on this journey here, she is magnificent.  Why would I not trust her, she knows the answers that I seek, she has lived the experiences that I live now and she has more love inside of her than  I could ever imagine.

All I have to do to connect with her is put any thought out of mind, close my eyes, connect to the stillness and see what comes up for me in this place.

Give it a go and let me know if you meet her.