I’m sort of mystified as to where my soul is at this very moment, is it in its entirety with me, or is a part of me or somewhere else completely.

I’m also bewildered as to why am I searching to find myself in a spiritual form, if I actually only exist for this moment in time here and now.

I’m baffled by feelings that I am an immense being, that I experience myself in dreams and wonder if I continue to exist somewhere outside of myself.

I’m bemused to how much time and effort goes into this journey, puzzled by my determination to understand the intricate maze of the universe.

I’m confused by the enormity of my search and perplexed because in all probability I won’t ever discover the answers here as the physical me.


I love to philosophise on the meaning of it all, the wonders of the universe and what IT is really all about.  Have you got any nearer to the answers?


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